Climate Change

Public Health Agencies Lack Money to Combat Climate Threats

A study says climate change has worsened 58% of known infectious diseases.

Biden Signs Semiconductor Bill, Spurring Hopes for New Jobs and Manufacturing Around the US

The $54.2 billion measure drew broad support from local leaders, who believe their regions could benefit. “We need to make these chips here in America," the president said.

Senate Approves Democrats' Sweeping Climate and Health Bill

The legislation would unlock billions in new grants for states and local governments. But some lament its lack of help on housing and other issues. It will next go to the House.

The Rising Costs of Extreme Heat

Hot weather can be deadly. It’s also putting a dent in the nation's economy and forcing new expenses on states and localities.

6 Things For State and Local Governments to Watch With Democrats' Climate and Tax Deal

With billions in proposed spending, the package could affect both government programs and regional economies.

Unexpected Deal Renews Hope for Billions in Climate Funding

The agreement, struck by key Democrats in the U.S. Senate and backed by President Biden, could mean a huge influx of federal dollars for environment and clean energy initiatives.

Biden Administration Unveils Website to Help Combat Extreme Heat Conditions includes interactive maps, forecasts and other resources to help government officials and the general public cope with high temperatures.

Extreme Rainfall Will Be Worse and More Frequent Than We Thought

Researchers say some climate models are underestimating future floods.

The Rise of the State and Local Climate Candidate

With action at the federal level stalled and their communities hit by drought and extreme heat, a growing cohort of down-ballot candidates are prioritizing climate policy. Donor and activists groups are taking notice and lining up to back them.

A Key US Energy Efficiency Program Has a Major Flaw. Pennsylvania Is Trying to Fix It

Homes are rejected for efficiency upgrades because they need repairs. Many owners can't afford them.

Support Slips for Phase Out of Gas-Powered Cars and Trucks

A slight but rising majority of Americans are against a transition towards manufacturing only zero-emission vehicles, a new survey finds.

To Reduce Harmful Algal Blooms and Dead Zones, the US Needs a National Strategy for Regulating Farm Pollution

COMMENTARY | There is no shortage of solutions to this problem. What’s needed is technological innovation and stronger political will.

Governors, Lawmakers Infuriated Over Manchin’s Reluctance to Include Climate Funds in Senate Proposal

The revived Build Back Better proposal could have meant billions in federal dollars specifically for states and localities, which government leaders have endorsed.

System Shaves 75% Off Electric Vehicle Battery Test Time

That speed could provide a major boost to battery developers searching for the right combination of materials and configurations to ensure that consumers always have enough capacity to reach their destinations.

What the Revival of ‘Build Back Better’ Could Mean for State and Local Funding

Senate Democrats appear to be moving forward with a slimmed down version of the social and environmental spending package following a failed push last year.

FEMA Wants to End Flood Insurance for the Nation’s Riskiest Properties

Democrats and counties oppose the idea. Properties that have been flood-damaged multiple times account for nearly half the program’s payouts over the years.

Supreme Court Deals a Major Blow to the EPA, and All Federal Agencies

A decision from the court's conservative majority limits agencies' ability to write new rules on major issues. The case centered on a challenge brought by West Virginia and other states.

The Push to Ban New Gas Stations is Coming to Los Angeles

L.A., the capital of car culture, could be the first big city to enact such a ban.

What Flooding Costs These US Cities

Urban areas will see an increase in three types of flooding by 2050, which will force local governments to spend much more on climate disasters, according to a recent report. 

How Cities Can Respond to Extreme Heat

A new report offers a practical framework to help communities ensure urban heat resilience planning efforts are as effective and equitable as possible.