Climate Change

Beaver Dams Lessen Damage From Droughts

COMMENTARY | American beavers' prolific dam building benefits river water quality so much, it outweighs the damaging influence of climate-driven droughts.

The House Republican Plan to Slash One of Democrats’ Signature Laws

Lawmakers set to lead key committees when the GOP takes control of the chamber say they are looking at ways to drain funding from climate initiatives and other Inflation Reduction Act programs.

Bringing Good Jobs to Coal Country

COMMENTARY | New projects in Appalachia show how the region can seize on a growing wave of climate infrastructure investment to build a workforce that is diverse, well-paid, and protected by strong labor standards.

EPA Calls Out Environmental Racism in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley

In a “remarkable” letter, the EPA accused Louisiana regulators of neglecting Black residents’ concerns about toxic air pollution and urged the state to move kids out of a school where monitors found extreme levels of a cancer-causing chemical.

Different Risks, One Crisis

COMMENTARY | Across the U.S., communities experience climate change in different ways. But the health consequences and destruction from another summer of storms, floods, fires and drought, underscore why it’s time for collective action.

Study: Warming Winters Will Thaw Frozen Manure, Further Polluting US Waters

Nearly half the country’s waters could see an increase in toxic agricultural runoff.

Pushing Ahead Projects to Protect Against Climate-related Disasters

Projects to deal with risks like flooding and hurricanes are being buoyed by new federal funding. But state and local officials say it can sometimes be a heavy lift to access the money.

How California’s Salton Sea Went From Vacation Destination to Toxic Nightmare

And why the shrinking lake might be key to meeting America's clean energy goals.

Curbside Composting Program Billed as Nation's Biggest Gets Underway

New York City launched the collection program for waste like food scraps and yard debris in Queens. The city's sanitation department is relying on a range of tactics to get buy-in from residents.

California’s 2030 Ban on Gas Heaters Opens a New Front in the War on Fossil Fuels

The first-of-its-kind plan will purge gas from existing buildings, not just new construction.

How Manchin’s Permitting Plan Would Restrict State Power

The senator’s proposal seeks to codify into law Trump-era rules narrowing how states can evaluate projects like gas pipelines and power plants under the Clean Water Act.

The Corn Belt will Get Hotter. Farmers Will Have to Adapt.

The nation's largest corn producing region could soon be known as the Extreme Heat Belt.

Capitalizing Change: Appalachia’s Sustainable Finance Hub

COMMENTARY | There’s a growing effort to change the way investments are made in the region and to ensure that local communities share in more of the benefits.

Minneapolis is the Latest US City to Demand Emissions-Free Shipping

The city, where Target is headquartered, is pressuring big brands to “abandon fossil-fueled ships.”

States Look to Help Tenants Pay for Air Conditioning as Climate Warms

“We don’t want anybody to pass away because of something we can fix; that’s just not right.”

These Red States Don’t Want Climate Targets—But They Do Want Green Jobs

How Georgia and other Republican-led states are trying to benefit from the clean manufacturing boom.

Against Federal Guidance, States Plan to Expand Highways

A new report says money from the infrastructure package could be funneled to “highway boondoggles.”