Climate Change

Now Is the Time to Tackle Climate Change. Here’s How States Can Lead.

COMMENTARY | The risks from climate change hazards are growing in most American communities. State governments play a key role in helping local governments build a pipeline of resilience projects that will mitigate risks from extreme weather hazards.

Keeping Trees in the Ground Where They are Already Growing is an Effective Low-Tech Way to Slow Climate Change

COMMENTARY | Forests pull about one-third of all human-caused carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere each year. Researchers have calculated that ending deforestation and allowing mature forests to keep growing could enable forests to take up twice as much carbon.

Power Outages Across The Plains: Four Questions Answered About Weather-Driven Blackouts

COMMENTARY | An energy expert explains why weather extremes can require power utilities to take drastic steps that can leave millions of people without power.

Hawaii’s Beaches Are Disappearing. New Legislation Could Help ... if It’s Enforced.

A legal loophole allowed wealthy property owners to protect their real estate at the expense of Hawaii’s coastlines. Now, the state Legislature is considering bills to crack down on the destructive practices, but questions around enforcement remain.

States Get More Aggressive With Climate Policy Goals

As the Biden administration pursues an ambitious agenda to address climate change, lawmakers in a number of states are pushing ahead with proposals of their own.

Biden’s Pause on Oil Leases Could Squeeze State Budgets

But experts caution that it’s hard to know at this point what the financial toll could ultimately look like.

How Useful Is Recycling, Really?

Among all possible climate actions, recycling ranks pretty low in its impact.

To Make the U.S. Auto Fleet Greener, Increasing Fuel Efficiency Matters More than Selling Electric Vehicles

COMMENTARY | To cut carbon from cars sooner rather than later, it is crucial to greatly improve the fuel economy of the gasoline vehicles that will still be sold in the years ahead.

Biden Moves to Rejoin Paris Climate Pact, Halt Keystone XL Pipeline

After he was sworn into office on Wednesday, President Biden signed a slate of executive actions, including measures to begin reversing Trump era environmental policies.

Can a Future Ban on Gas-Powered Cars Work?

With more than 270 million motor vehicles registered in the U.S. and a long tradition of powering cars and trucks with fossil fuels, how will it be possible to make the switch to electric vehicles?

Landmark Climate Policy Faces Growing Claims of Environmental Racism

Concerns about California’s cap-and-trade program derailed a likely EPA chief.

The New Plans to Remake Appalachia’s Economy

Mayors from the region and others want the Biden administration to embrace their proposals for billions of dollars of spending, with a heavy emphasis on clean energy projects, as a way to reinvent the region as coal declines.

Report: States Most Vulnerable to Climate Change Are Among the Least Prepared

New research suggests that states that are most vulnerable to the health effects of climate change—including flooding, food shortages and heat-related deaths and illnesses—have done the least to prepare to handle them.

Will Rising Temperatures Make Superweeds Even Stronger?

Widely used herbicides are struggling to kill some weeds. Some experts think heat could be part of the problem.

With New Funding Elusive, a Governor Turns to Planning to Address Flood Hazards

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf outlined a three-pronged initiative this week. “It’s the best we can do right now,” he said.

The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Was a Record-Smasher

COMMENTARY | It’s raising more concerns about climate change.

Biden Will Face Limits Reversing Trump-Era Environmental Policies

Environmental groups want to see the president-elect roll back the Trump administration’s deregulatory agenda and make progress on climate and other issues. But major legislation will be tough to pass and revamping rules will take time.

State and Local Officials Want to See Climate Policy Support—and Funding—Under Biden Administration

At a virtual event held by the NewDEAL Forum, state and local officials discussed their next steps on climate policy.