Cloud-Based Services

How State CIOs Can Address their Top Technology Priorities

COMMENTARY | Cloud and artificial intelligence concepts allow governments to evolve their data storage strategies as needed while as-a-service solutions can move workloads to the cloud and procure connected networks more efficiently.

Los Angeles Moves to California’s IT Infrastructure

“We can only succeed better as we do more collaboration among all the government entities,” said the state’s CTO.

The Tech Lessons of Westworld for Our World

COMMENTARY | I'm not worried about rampaging robots, I worry about speed.

Cloud-Based Mapping Could Play a Bigger Role in Disaster Response This Hurricane Season

Localities are using maps to visualize hazards, process damage imagery and crowdsource flood information.

Transforming State Government IT Into an Amazon Prime-Like Experience

North Dakota’s tech entrepreneur turned governor wants to use savings from budget cuts to boost investments in IT infrastructure.

Oregon State Employee Moves Tens of Thousands of Taxpayer Records to Personal Cloud

The February incident shows why routine log reviews by IT security personnel are important.

The End of the Custom Technology Era

The public sector is still waking up to the realities of the cloud software market.

Cloud Is Ascendant in State Government

A survey of state CIOs show that while security remains the top priority, state tech execs are increasingly focusing on cloud solutions and prioritizing digital government services.

Annual State CIO Survey Shows a Continued Shift Away From Mainframes

Cloud computing has made many state’s assess their legacy applications and systems.

This City Made Its Waze Data Actionable Moving to the Cloud

Few of the cities that are part of the navigation app’s Connected Citizens data-sharing program actually do anything with the anonymized trip information they receive because of the volume.

How One Bay Area CIO Is Moving His County to the Cloud

Hyperconverged infrastructure has meant major savings for San Mateo County, California, as it bridges the technology divide between its disconnected and affluent cities.

Iowa City, Va. Beach and Tulsa Among Cloud Innovation Challenge Winners

Amazon Web Services’ “City on a Cloud” competition recognized 15 U.S.-based innovators among 19 awardees.

This ‘City on a Cloud’ Finalist Merges Data and Analytics to Identify Its Chronically Homeless

Stay tuned for the winners of the Amazon Web Services competition, set to announce on Wednesday morning.

Download Our New Special Report: ‘Embracing the Promise of the Cloud’

Three stories about how state and local governments are using the latest cloud innovations.

Cloud-Hosted Software Is Helping to Clone Automated Government Processes

“We want to make it easier for governments to get people to comply with regulations that didn’t use to seem important enough to follow,” CityGrows’ CEO said.

The Cloud Is Making It Easier for States and Localities to Issue Alerts in Seconds

Time can make all the difference for a kidnapping victim or a family in the path of a tornado.

Cybersecurity Education Heads to the Cloud in Virginia

Still in its infancy, the Virginia Cyber Range has partnered with Amazon to scale its closed-network training environment to the colleges, universities and even high schools that want it.

Fourth Annual ‘City on a Cloud’ Challenge Includes School Districts

Amazon Web Services is upping the ante on its cloud-based tools and services innovation competition for local governments and their tech partners..

Michigan IT’s Disaster Recovery Audit Isn’t as Bad as It Reads

The state’s Department of Technology, Management, and Budget began its own review before auditors released their findings and has already made improvements to data colocation and cloud security.

Is the Cloud in Your Agency’s Future? Ask These 5 Questions First

Outcomes, clouds, security, services, and starting points all require consideration.