Expanded health insurance for immigrants gains traction in states

By increasing access to health insurance, including for immigrants lacking permanent legal status, states can reduce the burden of health care costs for communities.

Statewide housing programs can be complex. A good website can help.

As Colorado embarks on an aggressive program to build affordable housing, the state is turning to a website to engage and involve residents as the projects unfold.

Western states look to these lands for new affordable housing

State-owned trust lands were created to support schools and other community benefits.

States grapple with impacts of medical debt

With so many adults struggling with unpaid medical bills, states are taking steps to protect consumers from the negative financial impacts of hospital debt.

More schools stock overdose reversal meds, but others worry about stigma

Eight states currently require all or some schools to offer naloxone in a bid to curb opioid overdoses. But some experts question the effectiveness of such policies.

State shifts mobile driver’s licenses into higher gear

Thanks to the growing adoption of smartphone wallets and mobile payment technologies like Apple Pay and Google Pay, Colorado officials expect the state’s mDL to gain wide acceptance.

To solve the affordable housing crisis, some communities are turning to hotels

The pandemic presented communities with a unique opportunity to convert hotels into residential spaces, creating everything from temporary transitional housing to long-term supportive homes. But is the model sustainable today?

Investors are buying mobile home parks. Residents and governments are pushing back.

Amid an affordable housing crisis, some states are looking to help low-income residents stay in their homes by helping them purchase the land their manufactured housing sits on.

States Post Yellow Alerts to Try to Nab Hit-and-Run Drivers

Hit-and-run crash fatalities in the United States jumped 26% from 2019 to 2020.

A Republican Tried to Introduce a Commonsense Gun Law. Then the Gun Lobby Got Involved

After a sheriff’s deputy was murdered in a Denver suburb, Colorado state Rep. Cole Wist took action by sponsoring a red flag bill. It likely cost him his seat.

Colorado May Soon Be the First State to Guarantee Lawmakers 12 Weeks of Paid Parental Leave

Such formal parental leave policies are extremely rare in statehouses. That’s changing as more women and young people serve in public office.

Climate Change May Push the US Toward the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ for West Nile Virus

Colorado recently recorded the most West Nile virus deaths and cases of neuroinvasive infections in nearly two decades. Scientists warn that climate change will make conditions ripe for more West Nile transmission.

Cloud Seeding Might Not Be as Promising as Drought-troubled States Hope

Several states are experimenting with weather modification to try to generate snow as water supplies shrink. An atmospheric scientist explains the history behind it and the challenges.

States Lawmakers are Taking On Housing Policy Once Left to Locals

Legislators are looking at new—and sometimes controversial—ways to spur denser development and more affordable homes.

How Cities and Counties Are Using $18B in Federal Funds

A new tracker includes information on more than 2,300 projects that 150 big cities and counties are directing American Rescue Plan Act dollars toward.

8 Best Winter Festivals in the U.S.

A list from Travel + Leisure showcases festivals that include snow golf and volleyball, skiers hanging onto a cowboy on horseback and plungers jumping into the icy waters.

Devastating Colorado Fires Cap a Year of Climate Disasters, With One Side of the Country Too Wet, the Other Dangerously Dry

U.S. disasters in 2021 told a tale of two climate extremes. A climate scientist explains why wet areas are getting wetter and dry areas drier.

Best Places for Winter Outdoor Activities

A new list from Outside magazine recommends some of the nation’s top spots for a winter vacation.