Columbus, Ohio

How Local Governments are Attacking Crime in Their Communities

City and county leaders recently gathered to share their concerns about violent and other crimes and the successful solutions to these issues they are employing.

Two Ohio Cities Sue State Over Gun Background Check System

Dayton and Columbus officials announced their lawsuit on Monday, saying the state attorney general’s office needs to fix a system that doesn’t always contain information about people with felony convictions.

Cities Giving Paid Leave to Employees to Work the Polls

Facing shortages of poll workers, some city officials are allowing employees to volunteer as election workers in exchange for paid leave.

The Nation's Marquee 'Smart City' Program Continues to Evolve

Experts and people involved in the Columbus, Ohio project say it provides a chance for the city and others to learn more about what works and what doesn't with emerging transportation technology.

Libraries Begin Partial Reopening as Covid-19 Cases Surge

Most libraries are implementing phased reopening plans, beginning with contactless pickup of materials that undergo a quarantine period for safety.

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Black Lawmakers Are Getting Pepper Sprayed at Protests

A county commissioner, a city councilman and a U.S. congresswoman attended a protest in Columbus to support demonstrators and encourage peaceful tactics. Then police showed up.

The Gap Between Workers and Jobs

Workers live far away from available jobs in metropolitan areas across the country, researchers found.

A Blue-Collar Version of Silicon Valley Takes Root in the Midwest

After years in the doldrums, the fortunes of Midwestern metro areas are rising.

New Special Report: Insights and Ideas for Smart Cities

Dispatches from our coverage of the tools, strategies and systems fueling tech- and data-driven innovation in city governments.

The Route Fifty Roadshow Goes To Columbus

We hope you'll join us as we explore partnerships, technology and smart cities live from the National Association of Counties Annual Conference.

Sidewalk Labs’ Role in Columbus Smart City Program Appears Limited For Now

Meanwhile, Ohio’s capital is forging ahead with plans for millions of dollars in high-tech transportation upgrades. U.S. DOT officials will visit the city this week.

Columbus ‘Put Forward an Impressive, Holistic Vision’ for Its Winning Smart City Plan

“They were able to connect the problems they identified to specific technology solutions that are measurable,” said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

Columbus Tops 6 Other Finalists to Win USDOT’s ‘Smart City Challenge’

With additional local investment, $140 million is now committed to the winning plan submitted by Ohio’s capital, but the other finalist cities will be seeing more federal and private assistance to pursue their visions, too.

Cities Vying for $50 Million in USDOT Smart City Challenge Make Final Pitches

“It’s really started a wave of innovative thought in transportation,” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said of the grant competition.

Columbus Puts Its Future Bus Rapid Transit Line at Center of Its Smart City Challenge Bid

Carless households currently face major mobility disadvantages in Ohio’s capital, but civic leaders hope to change that.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Names 7 Finalists in ‘Smart City Challenge’ Competition

Anthony Foxx touts an overwhelming response to the federal competition, which will showcase the “outstanding potential to transform the future of urban transportation.”

Another City Turns to Mow-to-Own Program

Plagued by vacant land maintenance costs, municipalities can reduce blight while putting property back on the tax rolls.