The Promises and Pitfalls of Public Sector Short-term Workers

Although governments rely on temporary help to get necessary work done, challenges abound. But there are ways to make temporary and contract worker arrangements work.

How a Small City Pushed Ahead with its Downtown Revival, Despite the Pandemic

Lorain, Ohio Mayor Jack Bradley describes how he worked to keep momentum going during the past two years with a downtown “renaissance.”

Sharp Rise in Abuse Targeting Mayors Highlighted by New Study

The findings show female mayors of color were especially likely to face threats.

Covid Woes Prompt More States to Require Financial Literacy Classes

The pandemic has underscored how few Americans are prepared for financial emergencies.

Small Towns Drew Most New Pandemic Residents

Major cities lost people to more remote, lesser-known areas.

Residents Left Behind as Pandemic Hurts Bus Companies

Publicly funded bus services in rural communities fared better, but “in a lot of major urban areas, commuters aren’t coming back.”

Why Pandemic Food and Medicaid Benefits Could Soon an End

The federal government is again extending a health emergency keeping the extra aid in place, but this could be the last time.

Women-owned Businesses More Adversely Impacted By Pandemic

Covid-19 affected women-headed firms disproportionally mainly because stay-at-home orders and school and day care closures resulted in “unpaid” jobs at home, a new paper shows.

‘There’s a Large Amount of Fraud Out There,’ Says Special IG for Pandemic Recovery

The role is “not a political job in any way, shape or form” and “if we go out of business, then I think you're missing a key element of … oversight,” Brian Miller says.

Death Threats, Stress and Signs of Crisis in the Public Health Workforce

Nearly one in three public health workers are considering leaving their jobs within the next year, according to a new survey, as PTSD and deteriorating mental health appear to be on the rise.

More States Help Workers Save for Retirement

Employees are much more likely to save if they have automatic payroll deductions at work.

The Most ‘Dynamic’ American Cities

Despite the pandemic, these places remain resilient because of a mix of tech jobs, outdoor activities, the presence of a state capital and more, according to a recent report.

Losing Sleep Over the Pandemic? Work Flexibility May Be a Boon for Night Owls’ Health

Many sleep scientists maintain that people who prefer to stay up late could improve their mental and physical health by synchronizing their natural sleep cycles with workday demands. The flexible work schedules that came with COVID's work-from-home trend, according to one new study, backs up this idea.

Even After Lockdowns Eased, Pandemic Depression Persisted Across Social Classes

A new study finds that adults in the U.S. reported the same levels of depression a year into the pandemic as they did at the outset.

How to Reduce Inflation-induced Costs for Low-income Families

Policymakers at all levels can implement solutions that help families in the short term while battling the long-term problems, according to the Urban Institute.

The Subtle Psychology of ‘Nudging’ During a Pandemic

For years, the U.S. and U.K. governments embraced the concept of nudges to change social behavior. Then came Covid-19.

6 Steps Public Employers Can Take to Retain Workers

COMMENTARY | State and local governments are teetering on the brink of a workforce crisis. But there are actions leaders can employ to prevent workers from walking out the door.

There’s No Final Number Yet for Pandemic Fraud, Oversight Leaders Tell Congress

Total fraud levels in pandemic relief programs are upwards of $100 billion, but getting a clear estimate is made difficult by data gaps and ongoing fraud recovery efforts, officials said at a Senate hearing.

Arizona’s Statehouse Lifted Covid Precautions. Two Lawmakers Worry About What It Means for Their Family.

They’re navigating decisions familiar to many parents with children too young to be vaccinated, worrying about risk as guidance on how to deal with the pandemic changes.

Pandemic Ushering in Rental Housing Crisis

A recent analysis shows landlords are tightening screening criteria, using alternative eviction practices and increasing rent rates. The housing shortage is only making things worse.