Illegal Evictions Rising, but Landlords Rarely Face Consequences

Some landlords are changing locks and shutting off utilities to get tenants out without going to court, tenant organizers say.

Cities Crack Down on Unvaccinated Municipal Workers

New York City expanded its vaccine mandate to all employees Wednesday while Chicago began to place police officers who refused to disclose vaccine status on unpaid leave.

The Simplest Fix to America’s Rent Problem

COMMENTARY | The country’s voucher-focused help for American renters is mired in red tape, and many landlords opt out. Would cash work better?

Public Health Workers Request Federal Aid to Combat Threats

After the Justice Department said it would intervene to assist school boards and educators who have become the target of harassment during the pandemic, a public health association wants the same resources.

Most Americans Resumed Risky Activities Before Covid-19 Vaccines Came Out

People resumed travel, visiting loved ones and eating indoors despite the risks to themselves and others, according to a new study.

How Cities and Counties Are Prioritizing American Rescue Plan Funds

Infrastructure was the top investment priority for communities of all sizes, followed by replacing lost public sector revenue, according to a recent report.

Does Raising the Minimum Wage Kill Jobs?

COMMENTARY | The question is actually one of the most studied in all of economics and still doesn’t have a definitive answer – though Nobel-winning economist David Card got us closer.

‘An Insurrection’: When Police Reject a City’s Vaccine Mandate

Chicago employees were required to report their vaccination status by Friday or risk losing pay. The local FOP is encouraging officers not to do so.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Impacting Cities and States

Two-thirds of real estate professionals surveyed believe that fewer than 75% of workers will come back to the office at least three days a week in 2022, and that the need for more office space will likely decrease by up to 15% in the next three years.

Why Cars Don’t Deserve the Right of Way

COMMENTARY | The simplest way to make roads safer and reduce police violence at the same time.

Cities See Trash Cleanup Programs as a Way to Combat Homelessness

“At first, I said, ‘Picking up trash?’ I had to let my pride go—and I did.”

When the Place You Live Becomes Unlivable

After Hurricane Ida, New Orleanians are weighing the emotional, cultural, and financial costs of leaving the place they call home.

Public Health Departments Need 80,000 New Employees. But That's Not Enough for Another Pandemic.

A recent analysis found that state and local health agencies should increase staffing levels by 80% just to deliver basic services. Federal Covid-19 relief money can pay for some positions, but stability requires permanent funding.

State and Local Government Job Growth Lags Behind Private Sector

City and county payrolls are down more than 5% from pre-pandemic totals, excluding education positions, according to a report.

Why Aren’t We Even Talking About Easing Covid Restrictions?

COMMENTARY | Yes, it’s too soon to lift restrictions. But it’s odd that there are no clear benchmarks for getting there.

September Saw One of the Biggest Drops in Women’s Jobs Since Pandemic Began

More than 300,000 women left the labor force last month, the second time in the pandemic that the start of a new school year and loss of child care has caused a major drop-off of women from the workforce.

How Public Health Officials Overcame Vaccine Barriers in Minority Communities

A series of reports issued by the Communivax Coalition explores resistance to Covid-19 vaccinations in four states and strategies to improve immunization rates.

Museums, Cultural Institutions Cut Jobs Despite PPP Loans, Report Finds

More than 14,400 employees were laid off from 288 institutions that received federal loans meant to help preserve jobs, according to a public service employees union.

America Is Running Out of Everything

COMMENTARY | The global supply chain is slowing down at the very moment when Americans are demanding that it go into overdrive.

Survey: 46% of US Organizations Will Institute Vaccine Mandates

Tech companies are among those taking the lead following federal guidance on vaccine mandates.