Silicon Valley’s New Obsession

A group of tech founders, crypto billionaires, and star scientists is launching a fleet of science labs.

Officials Struggle to Regulate Pop-up Covid Testing Sites—and Warn Patients to Beware

High demand for Covid screening and scarce supply have opened the door to bad actors. State officials are sounding the alarm about dubious street testing operators that could put people’s personal data, their health or wallets at risk.

Governors Join Forces to Press White House for Work-based Visas

The labor shortage has threatened the viability of many local economies and businesses, Republican and Democratic governors said in a letter to President Biden.

How to Mentor Young Workers in a Remote World

COMMENTARY | As we approach year three of the pandemic, we need to (finally) change how we train people.

They Promised Quick and Easy PPP Loans. Often, They Only Delivered Hassle and Heartache

More than a million government-approved loans ended up being canceled, including some that would have gone to people who needed the loans and applied just as they were told.

Over $1B in Rental Aid Shifted to Places Moving Faster to Spend It

Most of the federal relief funding is being redistributed voluntarily within states, but some is getting clawed back from places that didn't hit targets for putting it to use.

Kids Who Lost Parents to Covid Deserve Help, Advocates Say

Last year, 14 states passed 36 bills that aim to improve children’s mental health.

Treasury Provides Added Flexibility and Clarity With Final ARPA Rule

State and local advocates seemed generally pleased with final guidelines for the relief law's $350 billion pandemic aid program. The rules offer a big win for smaller localities in particular.

America’s Covid Rules Are a Dumpster Fire

COMMENTARY | If you’re confused by the CDC’s new isolation guidelines, you’re not the only one.

Low- and No-Code Software Increasingly Popular Among State CIOs

As states struggle to find qualified developers, a report says using these quick turnaround applications saves time, money and personnel, but there are some challenges.

Should I Just Get Omicron Over With?

If you’re vaccinated, an infection might not make you super sick, but don’t count on it making you super immune, either.

Governor Declares State of Emergency Due to Covid Surge

Coronavirus hospitalizations in Maryland are headed towards a record peak, said Gov. Larry Hogan, who is activating state National Guard members to help with response efforts.

Stop Wasting Covid Tests, People

COMMENTARY | With the surge in cases, tests should be reserved for those who need them most.

Our Relationship With Covid Vaccines Is Just Getting Started

We probably will need additional shots. But just how many depends on our immune systems, the virus and how often they collide.

Western ‘Zoom Towns’ Take Aim at Short-Term Rentals

The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the affordable housing shortage in the West.

More Cities Move to Adopt Vaccine Requirements for Indoor Spaces

The added mandates come as the omicron variant of the coronavirus is surging.

No Puppy for Christmas: Online Pet Scams Proliferate

Pet fraud comprises a third of online shopping scam complaints.

US Army Creates Single Vaccine Against All COVID & SARS Variants, Researchers Say

Within weeks, Walter Reed researchers expect to announce that human trials show success against Omicron—and even future strains.

Omicron Will Overwhelm America’s Emergency Rooms

COMMENTARY | Hospitals are already strained, and many health-care workers have little left to give.