County and City Relations

Missed Your Flight? At Some Airports, Therapy Animals Are There to Help

San Francisco is one of more than 50 airports with an in-house team of certified therapy animals that roam the terminals, offering comfort and distraction to weary travelers.

Video: California Counties and Cities Make Strides Against Homelessness

Identifying policy barriers is the first step toward alleviating the problem.

Four Westchester County Cities Join Together to Bridge the Digital Divide

Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, White Plains and Yonkers in New York will be coming together to bring gigabit broadband to the whole county within three to five years.

Foes and Friends on the Arizona Border

State officials seek a balance between fighting crime and boosting Mexican tourism.

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There Are Plenty of Ways to Develop a Municipal Transportation App

L.A.’s and Denver’s were spearheaded by mayors, but a powerful transit agency can just as easily bring key players into the fold.