Crime Prevention

California is about to tax guns more like alcohol and tobacco—and that could put a dent in gun violence

COMMENTARY | Gun deaths and injuries aren’t just tragic—they’re expensive, too.

Does your state have strict gun laws? Chances are it saw a drop in gun homicides.

A new analysis from the left-leaning Center for American Progress says there is a correlation between a state’s gun laws and its shooting homicides.

Are ski mask bans a crime-fighting solution? Some cities say yes.

Philadelphia is the latest city to prohibit ski masks in some public areas, but there is little research supporting the strategy.

Mayors urge ATF to finalize rules to expand background checks

The proposed rules would close the “gun show loophole,” which is one of several loopholes that currently allows one-fifth of all the guns sold in the nation to be sold without background checks.

Politicians love to cite crime data. It’s often wrong.

Only 71% of U.S. law enforcement agencies submitted 2022 crime data to the FBI.

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