critical infrastructure

US water infrastructure ‘unsustainable’ amid rapidly evolving crisis, report warns

The United States is facing an unsustainable demand for water and lacks the security posture to defend the nation’s water systems from emerging threats, according to a new report.

Regional partnerships can bring a refreshing solution to aging water infrastructure

When legacy water systems lack adequate data collection and monitoring capabilities, communities face an uphill battle delivering clean, safe water to residents.

How well-managed dams and smart forecasting can limit flooding as extreme storms become more common in a warming world

COMMENTARY | As flood system operators juggle how to safely manage water levels during a flood, more accurate forecasting could make the process more efficient and effective.

US power grid faces escalating cyber threats, infrastructure experts warn

The power grid is experiencing heightened threats from foreign adversaries and domestic extremist groups that can pose devastating consequences for the nation’s supply of electricity. 

Budding U.S. offshore wind industry facing rough seas

States must overcome supply chain issues by exploring workforce development opportunities and other initiatives to meet state and federal targets for wind turbine installation.

Federal money is coming to fix aging flood control systems – but plans all too often reflect historical patterns and not future risks

As communities replace aging infrastructure to prepare for future climate-driven storms, aging data stands in the way. Experts warn historical weather data may not be sufficient for new infrastructure decisions.

NSF jumpstarts regional innovation with $20M awards

The National Science Foundation will fund research in six states to advance energy-water systems, biomanufacturing, health care, wildfire management and artificial intelligence.

EVs rev up cybersecurity challenges

Without a meaningful way to secure and insure the electric-vehicle infrastructure, EV owners, charging stations and fleet managers are vulnerable to hackers.

Sewage surveillance spots respiratory viruses

Researchers identified RNA common to a number of respiratory viruses in local wastewater and found it lined up with clinical data on relative infection rates.

Cyber Academy’s inaugural class to bolster city defenses

The 21 New York City employees will work with city cyber command offices and help build a local pipeline of cybersecurity workers.

We’re back! Our grand return to live events

GCN and Route Fifty will hit the road with a new free event series to explore how cities across the country are building their future today.

Florida city water cyber incident allegedly caused by employee error

Al Braithwaite, the former city manager of Oldsmar, Florida, said the 2021 episode was not caused by outside hackers but was instead a “non-event” sparked by user error.

What is the National Cybersecurity Strategy? A cybersecurity expert explains what it is and what the Biden administration has changed

The National Cybersecurity Strategy outlines a need for improved cyber hygiene through cyber insurance, data sharing and fostering technology research.

CISA launches pilot to spot ransomware vulnerabilities

By uncovering vulnerabilities associated with known exploits, CISA can warn critical infrastructure organizations so they can mitigate issues before a ransomware incident occurs.

National cyber strategy ‘promising’ for state, local governments

While some groups applauded the Biden administration’s pledge to prioritize cybersecurity and help small governments fight attacks, others said more technical assistance and federal funding is needed.

Building scalable, cost-effective application security

COMMENTARY | Automated scanning and remediation platforms can identify, fix and prevent security gaps and vulnerabilities at the software application and development levels.

Earthquake data powered by next-gen supercomputers

A collaboration among national labs aims to provide an open-access website with datasets on how ground motion affects infrastructure during earthquakes.

Earthquake in Turkey exposes gap between seismic knowledge and action – but it is possible to prepare

Government leaders should leverage seismic data, communications technology and interagency collaboration to better respond to natural disasters.

Executive order blocks state business with ‘evil foreign governments’

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s order will ensure companies associated with hostile nations do not access state infrastructure or data through IT or telecommunications contracts.

Texas universities block access to TikTok on campus Wi-Fi networks

It’s the latest step to limit access to the service after Gov. Greg Abbott directed state agencies to ban the app on government-issued devices citing cybersecurity risks.