State lawmakers pitch gold-backed cryptocurrency

Legislation in Texas would establish a digital currency that could then be redeemed in cash or gold.

Texas may dial back bitcoin mining incentives

To get a better handle on grid management, a Republican-sponsored bill proposes limiting cryptocurrency miners’ participation in demand response programs and barring virtual currency mining from tax abatements.

States recognizing DAOs as they embrace blockchain

Utah is the latest to recognize decentralized autonomous organizations as legal entities, as state leaders wrestle with the future of smart contracts and corporate governance.

States debate whether to restrict—or invite—crypto mining

Cryptocurrency mining is coming under fire as some officials raise concerns over its effect on climate goals. But others argue cryptocurrency's potential for economic development should not be overlooked.

How states can prepare for the rise of cryptocurrency

COMMENTARY | By clarifying crypto tax requirements and thinking longer term about blockchain use cases, states can be ready for the distributed, decentralized internet.

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New Hampshire could play ‘leading role’ in promoting blockchain, report says

A governor’s commission said it is an “important technological innovation,” and recommended the state play a robust regulatory role to support its growth.

Bitcoin-mining helps bring business to the city's ‘front porch’

As the first U.S. city to mine the cryptocurrency, Fort Worth leaders say the venture will attract more visitors and businesses.