Biden Will Veto Republican-Led Clawback of Unemployment Funding

The Office of Management and Budget says that the president would veto a Republican proposal to rescind American Rescue Plan Act funding for unemployment if passed by Congress.

EVs Rev Up Cybersecurity Challenges

Without a meaningful way to secure and insure the electric vehicle infrastructure, EV owners, charging stations and fleet managers are vulnerable to hackers.

State Cyber Workforce Challenges Reaching ‘Crisis Levels’

By marketing themselves better and adapting to remote work, states can attract and retain more cybersecurity workers, a new report suggests.

ChatGPT Could Make Phishing More Sophisticated

The latest version’s greater “steerability” allows users to vary the style and tone of generated text to make scams even harder to detect.

Report: Increased Remote Work for Many Governments Also Raises Cyber Risks

Roughly one-third of government employees believe “their actions don’t matter when it comes to security,” according to a new survey.

National Cyber Strategy ‘Promising’ for State, Local Governments

While some groups applauded the Biden administration’s pledge to prioritize cybersecurity and help small governments fight attacks, others said more technical assistance and federal funding is needed.

White House Pitches $1.6B in Anti-fraud Funding

The anti-fraud proposal includes funds to modernize state governments’ benefits systems, identity verification and data analytics capabilities.

Look for Fraudsters to Apply COVID-era Tricks to New Programs

The pandemic laid bare state and local governments’ vulnerability to fraud, and agencies must lean into data-sharing technology to keep up defenses, an expert advises.

Cyber Training Expands to Local Leaders

The National Cybersecurity Center will offer the training every two years, and push local governments to take advantage of free resources and information-sharing.

Cyberattack Turns Up the Heat on Common Security Problems

The ransomware attack that crippled a New York county again demonstrated the need for investment, regular updates and an enterprisewide approach to security.

Governors' TikTok Bans Make Sense, Cybersecurity Experts Say

Republican governor after Republican governor has recently announced a TikTok ban for state employees. There are more than 100 million TikTok users in the U.S.

How States Can Fill the Tech Workforce Gap

A private sector tech slowdown could present a recruiting opportunity for governments, especially if they appeal to younger employees looking for meaningful and consequential work.

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Ban TikTok in US

TikTok poses a national security threat, according to lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle.

Why Neighboring States and Localities Should Collaborate on Cybersecurity

COMMENTARY | With $1 billion in federal grants on the way, it's a prime moment for governments to look at new ways to partner on cyber issues, including by reaching across state lines.

Local Governments Make Common Cyber Mistakes, Auditor Finds

A Missouri state auditor identified key problem areas and solutions that local governments must address to protect against cyber threats.

A Governor Imposes a TikTok Ban for State Government

The move comes as the app faces increased scrutiny in the U.S. over its ties to the Chinese government.

Are We Building Cyber Vulnerability into EV Charging Infrastructure?

Amid a nationwide push to electrify transportation, observers said that cybersecurity doesn’t get appropriate attention.

How One State’s Phishing Training Evolves With Threats

Indiana regularly tests employees on various platforms and attachment formats, including prompts related to headline news and retests of scams that have proved difficult for workers to catch.

Almost Half of Phishing Attacks Target Government Employees, Research Says

Traditionally aimed at stealing credentials, phishing attacks are growing increasingly sophisticated.

Enough With the Weak Passwords, Already

The most common passwords on the dark web are those users have been repeatedly warned away from. Can training help?