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Cities extract mobility insights from ride-hailing company data

With access to real-time mobility data from a variety of sources, cities can improve transit efficiency and meet sustainability, accessibility and equity goals.

The digital tools cities and states need to meet their environmental commitments

COMMENTARY | Governments have the tough job of figuring out how they will go about gathering, managing, analyzing and accurately reporting all their emission data. Here are six tools that will help do that.

How one city broke down its data silos

Tacoma, Washington, is using the cloud to bridge information silos across its 25 distinct departments and improve reporting.

Generative AI raises bias, privacy concerns

While ChatGPT presents big opportunities for efficiency, agencies must ensure they use it—and regulate it—properly, an expert advises.

How a data-centric approach can lift agencies above the cybersecurity poverty line

COMMENTARY | By focusing protection where it’s most needed, agencies can more easily share data and create targeted, efficient and effective cybersecurity.

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Damage Assessment Tool Streamlines Data Collection for Disaster Prep, Response, Recovery

Hurricane season is officially underway, and one county in Florida is looking to utilize the cloud to build on lessons learned during one of the state's most devastating hurricanes.