Data Privacy

As mobile IDs proliferate, concerns about cybersecurity and data privacy mount

New York is the latest state to adopt a mobile driver’s license. But while the technology holds promise and is convenient for users, there remain concerns.

States are already collecting more abortion data. And HIPAA won’t always keep it private.

As states pass laws mandating health care providers compile more information on patients' pregnancies and abortions, experts warn of privacy concerns.

Banning TikTok won’t solve social media’s foreign influence, teen harm and data privacy problems

COMMENTARY | Protecting Americans cannot be accomplished by banning a single app. To truly protect their constituents, lawmakers would need to enact broad, far-reaching regulation.

National DELETE Act included in privacy discussions

California already has a law that gives consumers more control over the data held on them by data brokers. A federal effort would give Americans a central place to request it be deleted by all brokers.

National data privacy standard would preempt state efforts

A bill in Congress would supersede more than a dozen state laws. While most support a national standard, some state leaders and experts worry the legislation’s preemption provisions are too prescriptive.

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Survey: Few states have ‘established’ privacy program

As states race to protect Americans’ data, the number of chief privacy officers has increased in state government. Still, a majority reported in a recent survey that they are building their programs.

Is the US privacy policy good enough?

COMMENTARY | A disjointed approach plagued by compromises is making American data privacy policy more complicated and less effective in delivering the protections people desperately want and need to see.

States push feds for greater online privacy protections for children

A bipartisan coalition of 43 attorneys general is urging the Federal Trade Commission to expand the definition of “personal information” to keep up with changes related to smartphones and social networks that play an increasing role in everyone’s life – including children.

With AI, anyone can be a victim of nonconsensual porn. Can laws keep up?

States around the country are scrambling to respond to the dramatic rise in deepfakes, a result of little regulation and easy-to-use apps.

4 considerations for launching an effective digital ID system

COMMENTARY | Successful digital identification programs need to provide equal access, security, interoperability and user convenience.

As privacy conversations become mainstream, data protection laws gain traction

The Garden State is the 13th to adopt a comprehensive data privacy framework, with more to go into effect this year and others set to follow with similar legislation.

States push ahead with social media laws amid legal challenges

Utah delayed its efforts for litigation purposes, while a judge blocked an Ohio law. But that hasn’t stopped other states, most recently Idaho and New York, from introducing their own restrictions to protect minors.

Why federal efforts to protect schools from cybersecurity threats fall short

K-12 schools are especially vulnerable to cyberattack because they lack the cybersecurity expertise and funding essential to protecting students' sensitive information.

How to use generative AI to improve operations while protecting sensitive data

COMMENTARY | Large language models like ChatGPT offer state and local agencies exciting new capabilities, but they also introduce new security risks.

DELETE Act closes ‘big loophole’ and tightens regulations on data brokers

California is the first state to allow residents to request that data brokers delete their personal data, but some worry it will be difficult to implement and enforce.

States advance data privacy laws as issue evades Congress

In the absence of federal action on data privacy standards, several states have stepped up. But some warned that could create a patchwork of laws and result in a compliance nightmare for businesses.

3 low-risk, low-budget ways state and local governments can protect their data

COMMENTARY | By taking advantage of federal resources and leaning into autonomous technology and cybersecurity education, agencies can keep constituent data safe.

Creating a framework for secure-by-design software development

COMMENTARY | State and local IT leaders can proactively address potential threats by prioritizing throughout the development process, regularly evaluating data security policies and keeping an inventory of software components.

Handprints for IDs? State liquor board discusses biometrics for alcohol sales

Tech from Amazon and other companies makes the age verification option possible. Privacy advocates have concerns.

US agencies buy vast quantities of personal information on the open market

COMMENTARY | The government faces legal restrictions on how much personal information it can gather on citizens, but the law is largely silent on agencies purchasing the data from commercial brokers.