Cybersecurity Agency Points to Water Sector in Seeking $80M More for FEMA Grants

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and FEMA are rolling out the first of $1 billion the Homeland Security agencies got to help state and local entities improve cybersecurity.

A City Government Begins Mining for Bitcoin

Fort Worth, Texas, has installed three bitcoin mining machines in its data center as part of a six-month pilot to assess the implications and opportunities of minting cryptocurrency.

A City Turns to an Algorithm to Prioritize Streetlight Repairs

Rather than repairing thousands of streetlights in the order outages are reported, San Diego weighs data on residential density, the presence of schools or parks, traffic collisions and other factors in deciding which ones to fix first.

How Data-driven Policies Can Help States and Localities

Officials say that following the numbers and looking at evidence has proven useful in tackling a range of equity issues and with steering clear of partisan fights.

A Three-Phase Strategy to Reduce Homelessness

COMMENTARY | As cities grapple with rising homelessness, states struggle to distribute relief money. But change is within our grasp.

Practice Makes Perfect When It Comes To Recovering From a Cyberattack

And it’s not if an agency gets attacked, it’s when, according to one state official.

Labor Dept. Pilot Taps State Data for a New Look at Who is Getting Unemployment Benefits

Data on access to unemployment insurance broken down by demographics can help program administrators make sure that they help everyone entitled to the benefit access it, the Labor Department says.

How One State Measures Post-pandemic Recovery

Economic leaders in New Jersey can see indicators and contextualize metrics with a solution that combines government, geographic and third-party economic data into an interactive dashboard.

White House Looks to Focus Service Delivery Around ‘Life Events'

The Biden administration is fleshing out a plan to organize government services around the needs of Americans and not around agency org charts.

States Look to Virtual Reality for Workforce Development

Alabama and Arkansas have been using the technology to familiarize potential workers with entry-level skills.

Code for America’s CEO on This Moment in Civic Tech

Amanda Renteria talks about the recent customer experience executive order, the nonprofit's work in federal and state government service delivery and what's next.

The Census Missed Some Folks. These Cities Want Them Counted

“Cities should not be punished for the unprecedented pandemic.”

Phishing Scam Targets Election Officials, FBI Warns

Election officials in at least nine states received emails with attachments that redirected to credential harvesting sites.

Local Governments Attractive Targets for Hackers and Are Ill-prepared

With Russia poised to launch cyberattacks on U.S. targets, many local governments find themselves without the staff or resources to even recognize when they’re under attack.

Ukraine War Puts US Cities, States on Cyber Alert

Local governments are seeing more phishing probes from Russia and Eastern Europe.

Women Pay More for Transportation Than Men

A new white paper shows that women pay a “pink tax” because they have fewer mass transit options due to safety concerns and caring for children and the elderly.

Got Rats? These Cities Have Taken to Zapping Them

One Northeast city’s success killing 1,000 rodents in less than a year with traps that rely on electric current is leading its neighbors to test the same technology.

States Must Expand Data Sources for Strategic Flood Resilience

Failure to incorporate forward-looking climate data and demographic trends will limit states’ ability to develop effective flood mitigation plans, new research finds.

Who's Responsible if a Tesla on Autopilot Kills Someone?

Courts may decide, says a professor of civil litigation.

States Use Road Sensors to Combat Treacherous ‘Tire Carcasses’

A growing number of states are hoping to use sensor technology embedded in the pavement to fight climate change, keep traffic flowing and save lives.