The Places Where Remote Work Became Most Common

In regions around over 40 cities, at least one in five people were working remotely last year, according to a new study.

States Must Plug Into Federal Antifraud System for Food Aid Under New Rule

The system, meant to help prevent duplicate participation, is expected to make enrollment and oversight easier with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

When a Low-Income Neighborhood Rebound Doesn't Displace Residents

Often when poverty rates drop, it means existing members of a community are pushed out. New research looks at unique factors in places where this wasn’t the case.

New Data Resource Focuses on Racial Wealth Gap

The Black Wealth Data Center consolidates different data sets to allow users to compare inequities across their communities and the nation.

Utah Readies Mobile Driver’s License Rollout

While the technology for the mDL is ready, the challenge is creating an ecosystem of partners who accept the digital ID.

How Little Rock is Harnessing Data to Become a Smarter City

“My team and I, we’re focused on getting things done, but with a data-driven approach,” says the mayor of Arkansas’ capital.

Why Smart Cities are About More Than Just Tech

“Diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility—that is a thread throughout, it is not an afterthought.”

States Build on Covid Lessons for Monkeypox Tracking

As case levels rise, states are reporting more demographic data.

New Index Ranks Best and Worst States for Workers

Researchers looked at over two dozen types of policies in all 50 states as part of their analysis.

Lack of Equitable Data Is Harming Underserved Communities

Enhanced data collection efforts and outreach are needed to improve outcomes for underrepresented communities across the country, according to the U.S. chief data scientist.

Best US Cities to Rent an Apartment

Five of the top 10 cities are small, including No. 1 Round Rock, Texas, near Austin.

Home Sale Prices Fall Swiftly in Pandemic Boomtowns

Many homes for sale in July nationwide experienced price drops, especially those in cities that saw an influx of residents during the pandemic. Boise, Idaho, led the pack with nearly 70% of houses on the market falling in price.

Interstate Cyber Command Center Expands to 10 States

Fhe Joint-Cybersecurity Operations Command Center aims to include 30% of states by year’s end.

Housing Affordability Falls to Lowest Level Since Great Recession

Inflation, low inventory and rising mortgage rates are hampering housing availability for families nationwide, according to a report. But there are a few cities in the Midwest and Pennsylvania where housing is still reasonable.

Forget Politics. Science-based Policymaking Is Critical to Combat Climate Change

COMMENTARY | Climate change policy has become collateral damage amid partisan discord. Until government leaders leave their political biases at the door and follow the scientific facts, climate change will worsen.

Nearly 40% of Americans Are Tired of the Two-Party Political System

The sentiment is even stronger among those 18 to 49 years old, with nearly half of people in that age group saying they wish they had alternatives to Democrats and Republicans.

Bipartisan Senators Want Commodity Regulations For Cryptocurrency

A new bill would task the Commodity Futures Trading Commission with imposing more consumer protections and other oversight regulations on digital asset trading.

Cities Can Apply for Free Monitoring of Sewage for Signs of Monkeypox

The National League of Cities is accepting applications for the new program and will select 50 localities to participate. The initiative will build on efforts to track Covid-19 in wastewater.

With Prices Rising, States and Cities Must Raise Their Minimum Wages

COMMENTARY | Some states and localities have already pegged minimum wage hikes to inflation. But with the federal pay floor stuck at $7.25 for over a decade, it's time for more to take action.