Drones spot energy leaks to boost building efficiency

New York City is exploring how drones equipped with thermal cameras and lidar can better identify flaws in exterior walls and roofs that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Security planning begins as the U.S. prepares to play host to World Cup, Summer Olympics

Governments at all levels, as well as law enforcement, need close coordination and an eye on emerging threats to keep spectators and athletes safe.

Flood management gets a boost from drones

As major flooding events are expected to become more common, drones could help communities keep resilience up and damage down.

Drones enlisted for real-time monitoring of public events

As Illinois residents enjoy outdoor summer events, a new law allows public safety agencies to use drones to protect the public from potential threats.

Bill Would Offer Grants to Boost Use of Drones to Inspect Infrastructure

One of the U.S. senators backing the legislation says it would "help local governments invest in drones and skilled workers to ensure America’s existing infrastructure remains safe.” 

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Autonomous Drones Could Speed Up Search and Rescue After Flash Floods, Hurricanes and Other Disasters

COMMENTARY | Drones that do not require individual pilots could cover ground quickly and identify people in need of help.

State Officials to Drone Operators: Please Stop Harassing the Animals

Wildlife officials in Colorado this week urged recreational drone pilots to avoid disrupting animals during flights, the latest example of a growing issue for state agencies.

IoT Security Bill Nears Passage as New Consortium Tackles Open 5G

Government officials are thinking about how the use of drones as part of the network infrastructure will affect security.

Local Law Enforcement Should Be Able to Protect Airports From Drones, Report Says

To address security risks, a task force recommends that Congress authorize local law enforcement to take down drones flown too close to airports.

FAA Greenlights Drone Company to Deliver Food in One Virginia Town

The Federal Aviation Administration gave its first OK to drone company to deliver commercial goods.

Federal Agency Drone Use to Monitor Natural Disasters Expanded Dramatically in 2018

The Interior Department flew more than 10,000 unmanned missions to survey federal land, monitor wildlife and respond to natural disasters.

FAA Wants to Protect First Responders from Drone Bombs

Under a new ruling, law enforcement officers would be able to identify drones from afar.

FAA Declares the Super Bowl a 'No Drone Zone'

People who violate the temporary flight restriction will face jail time and hefty fines.

This Virginia County Tracks Missing Persons With a Drone

Project Lifesaver offered local law enforcement the air support it needed.

Surveying the Public in a City Being Used as Federal Drone Testing Site

Taking the temperature of San Diego residents before UberEats starts deploying delivery drones to the skies.

This Florida Fire and Rescue District Changed Its Outlook on Drones

The district started using drones for more than situational awareness and eventually ended up expanding the fleet.

Drones Can Fix Problems on the Ground

COMMENTARY | Expediting adoption will save lives—and possibly our failing national infrastructure.

Another Use for Drones: Investigating Car Wrecks

Law enforcement agencies are finding it is quicker and safer to do scene investigations with drones.

Senators Want to Double Funding for Putting Commercial Drones in the Air

A bipartisan amendment would double 2019 funding for FAA’s efforts to integrate drones into national airspace.

Federal Drone Committee Faces ‘Kitty Hawk Moment’

The body’s lone local government representative discusses filling the late San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s shoes and keeping pace with technology.