To meet class size mandate, officials look to virtual learning

To meet a new state mandate capping K-12 class sizes, New York City is considering offering remote instruction, a practice that could free up building space and allow students to take electives and AP classes from teachers on other campuses.

Florida’s school safety dashboard helps parents and teachers address root causes of misbehavior

COMMENTARY | School leaders can use the dashboard to identify areas of concern in their own school—such as an increasing pattern of fights—and then develop evidence-based solutions and training to address the issues.

Amid campus protests nationwide, DC’s response stands out

The capital city’s police department cleared an encampment at a local university following pressure from House Republicans to be more forceful. But the District’s reluctance to take action sooner underlies lessons officials learned decades ago about the perils of aggressive enforcement.

Don’t pull the plug on internet access for 23M families

COMMENTARY | No family should be forced to choose between one essential and another. And they don’t have to, as long as Congress acts to renew the Affordable Connectivity Program.

LGBTQ students wonder what’s next as conservative states seek to block new Title IX rules

Days after the new Title IX rules protecting LGBTQ youth from discrimination at school were published, top officials in 15 states announced they were suing to block the rules from going into effect.

Tennessee House votes to arm teachers despite opposition

In spite of protesters, a bill that would allow teachers to carry a gun goes to governor for signature.

Achieving racial equity in college admissions starts in pre-K

COMMENTARY | The class of 2028 is the first college class to be admitted after the end of affirmative action. Without it, we need big-picture reforms.

Half of new state spending on preschool was backed by COVID aid last year, new report finds

That money helped improve access — preschool enrollment was up in nearly every state — but it also raises real questions about whether states will be able to sustain their investments after that federal funding runs out this fall.

Majority of American teachers worry about shootings at their schools, survey shows

Most educators favor more mental health screening for students and oppose arming teachers, though their views are more divided when it comes to whether security officers should have weapons.

How a common election integrity law is keeping Idaho from fixing its crumbling schools

An influential conservative group is targeting local bond and levy elections, which districts rely on heavily to build and repair schools.

Rural students’ access to Wi-Fi is in jeopardy as pandemic-era resources recede

COMMENTARY | Internet access among rural students had begun to decline in 2022, putting them at significant educational disadvantage compared with their better-connected peers. This trend is likely to accelerate with the end of the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Schools are vulnerable to breaches—and hackers know it

Schools face unique challenges in shoring up their cyber defenses. Just ask Baltimore County Public Schools. It suffered a successful attack in 2020, and while its cyber protection has improved, it still faces roadblocks.

Biden announces $6B in student debt relief for public service workers

An estimated 78,000 teachers, firefighters and public health workers are among the group of borrowers who will see their debts canceled under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

Free school meals for all may reduce childhood obesity

COMMENTARY | Growing research is showing the benefits of universal free school meals for the health and well-being of children, including a slowing in the rise of childhood obesity rates.

If schools won’t ban kids’ cellphones, some lawmakers say, they will

Florida now bans cellphones during class, and lawmakers elsewhere like the idea.

‘Brain gain’ in rural America and who is behind it

Young people leave their homes to explore and learn everywhere, not just in rural America. But rural spaces offer some unique advantages that inspire many to return and bolster their communities.

With AI, anyone can be a victim of nonconsensual porn. Can laws keep up?

States around the country are scrambling to respond to the dramatic rise in deepfakes, a result of little regulation and easy-to-use apps.

School vouchers continue momentum in state legislatures

2023 was considered a landmark year for school choice. It’s a trend that is showing no sign of slowing down, as lawmakers push proposals with fewer restrictions and costly price tags.

Gen Z and millennials have an unlikely love affair with their local libraries

Though they’re sometimes characterized as attention-addled homebodies, younger people see a real value in libraries − one that goes beyond books.

More details emerge on FCC’s cyber program for schools, libraries

Applicants for the $200 million pilot could be required to detail recent attacks and their current cybersecurity posture. The agency is also seeking guidance on how to measure success.