A transparent, open-source vision for U.S. elections

Voting technology in the U.S. is secretive and often expensive. Can an open-source alternative take its place?

West Virginia’s top election official on trust, social media and secure elections

Ahead of what promises to be a hectic election season, Secretary of State Mac Warner spent part of his last National Association of Secretaries of State Winter Conference touching on conspiracy theories, among other topics.

Feds preach vigilance amid multiple physical, cyber threats against election officials

In response, agencies as varied as CISA and the Postal Inspection Service are offering a slew of free and low-cost resources in a bid to help states and localities keep issues under control.

Counties want more money for elections. Washington is unlikely to provide it.

“I just don't want anybody to walk out of here thinking that all of a sudden a massive flow of funds is going to come forward,” a House committee chairman told county officials.

AI misinformation a ‘whole new area’ for elections officials to deal with

Intergovernmental collaboration will be crucial in fighting the proliferation of AI deepfakes this election cycle, especially in helping voters navigate increasingly sophisticated robocalls and political ads.

AI technology sparks new worries, but poses familiar challenges to elections

With adequate technology policies in place, artificial intelligence may not be as disruptive to elections as previously thought.

The failed promise of independent election mapmaking

In Washington and other states, independent redistricting commissions have fallen prey to partisanship, just like the legislative bodies they were meant to replace.

Voters don’t always have final say—state legislatures and governors are increasingly undermining ballot measures that win

COMMENTARY | Election year 2024 will see citizen initiatives on the ballot across the country, some focused on abortion rights. But there’s a growing trend of lawmakers altering initiatives after they have passed.

Preparing for climate change risks to the 2024 elections

COMMENTARY | A natural disaster could quickly overwhelm a voting district and render prior planning moot, so officials should plan and practice how they will conduct elections in the wake of a disaster that displaces voters, destroys blank ballots or damages election equipment.

State elections board debates using race as a criterion in signature verification pilot

A North Carolina pilot program looks to verify mailed ballots using a signature-matching software after a debate over using race to ensure diversity.

Why the 14th Amendment bars Trump from office: A constitutional law scholar explains principle behind Colorado Supreme Court ruling

COMMENTARY | Colorado’s Supreme Court has removed Donald Trump from the state’s 2024 presidential ballot. A scholar of constitutional law explains why.

Documents show Republican-led states struggling to clean voter rolls after leaving ERIC

Officials encounter new obstacles and costs in trying to replace just some of the data they used to get from the Electronic Registration Information Center, unreleased records show.

Michigan to automatically register people to vote when exiting prison

The law signed this week is the first in the nation and expands the state's Department of Corrections’ current effort to restore voting rights to returning citizens.

In face of threats, election workers vow: ‘You are not disrupting the democratic process’

But the threats, including a recent fentanyl scare, have spurred some officials to leave.

2024 mission for state and local leaders: Protect democracy

COMMENTARY | By making voting easy, transparent and secure, state and local leaders can ensure election systems remain strong in 2024.

Pennsylvania’s election audit starts with a roll of the dice

Department of State officials rolled ten-sided dice to generate a seed number needed for risk limiting audits.

Misinformation, cybersecurity among top issues ahead of 2024 elections

State and local officials face a new threat from the proliferation of deepfakes and misinformation, driven by artificial intelligence.

How the issue of housing and homelessness factored in state and local elections

It impacted mayoral races, and landed on the ballot as communities debated the merits of homeless encampment sweeps, tax hikes and affordable housing developments.

Ohio voted on abortion. Next year, 11 more states might, too.

The push for sending the contentious issue to voters comes on the heels of last year’s string of ballot measure wins for abortion rights in six states.

Election security threats require more federal resources, officials say

Facing growing cyber and physical threats, state and local election administrators told U.S. senators that more federal assistance is needed to safeguard voting systems and personnel.