electric vehicles

Under new state law, Texas will bill electric vehicle drivers an extra $200 a year

The new registration fee is meant to make up for the state’s lost revenue from gasoline taxes that are used to pay for road construction and maintenance.

Keep it simple, experts tell feds on planned mileage fee experiment

States have already tested different approaches for how to replace gas taxes, but a federal pilot program mandated by the 2021 infrastructure law would be the biggest yet.

In national race to build EV chargers, a few states emerge as big winners

State policy, the electric grid and business considerations can all determine how many public charging stations a state’s residents will see.

States could use federal money to add Tesla chargers

Kentucky, Texas and Washington might add extra plugs for the popular EVs, as several automakers indicated they would make cars with the same connections in coming years.

Biden’s EV charger rollout has begun. Will it deliver on environmental justice?

States are supposed to build EV charging stations while making sure their benefits reach disadvantaged communities. They’re off to a shaky start.

Eliminating the speedbumps in EV charging station buildout

COMMENTARY | Energy management as a service gives EV charging station operators cloud-based tools for remote asset management and will help ensure they have the data to comply with the government’s 97% station uptime requirement.

EVs rev up cybersecurity challenges

Without a meaningful way to secure and insure the electric-vehicle infrastructure, EV owners, charging stations and fleet managers are vulnerable to hackers.

Data service tracks, analyzes electric vehicle travel

StreetLight Data’s EV Mode gives mobility planners detailed data that can help them efficiently build out EV infrastructure.

Are we building cyber vulnerability into EV charging infrastructure?

Amid a nationwide push to electrify transportation, observers said that cybersecurity doesn’t get appropriate attention.

States test an electrifying idea: Roads that can recharge your EV

A few states are testing induction road-charging networks to power electric vehicles as they're driving using coils embedded in the pavement.

How data sharing revs up mobility decisions

What’s the expected usage for rural EV charging stations? A new data platform lets transportation managers predict energy savings for mobility programs from shared program data.

Game theory could boost access to EV charging stations

Access to electric vehicle charging stations could be managed with a computational model that uses game theory, a study shows.