Senate Approves Democrats' Sweeping Climate and Health Bill

The legislation would unlock billions in new grants for states and local governments. But some lament its lack of help on housing and other issues. It will next go to the House.

New 5-State Pilot Will Link Low-Income Households to Solar Power

Households could see electricity bill savings from the program in the 10% to 50% range, according the Biden administration.

A Key US Energy Efficiency Program Has a Major Flaw. Pennsylvania Is Trying to Fix It

Homes are rejected for efficiency upgrades because they need repairs. Many owners can't afford them.

The Rising Partisan Discord Over the Infrastructure Law

Republicans are clashing with the Biden administration over the rollout of the $1.2 trillion package, including on priorities like getting more electric vehicles on the road.

Energy-Producing States Lag in Latest Economic Numbers

Energy companies, short of workers, aren’t ready to increase production.

85 Airports Awarded Nearly $1B for Terminal Improvements

The federal dollars will go to airports in metro and rural areas across the country and will help pay for a variety of upgrades.

Republicans Look to Reverse Biden’s Infrastructure Permitting Changes

They’re raising concerns that reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act will slow down projects, now that the Biden administration has scrapped a Trump-era rules rewrite.

The Legal Clash Over a City’s Landmark Natural Gas Ban

Since Berkeley, California prohibited gas connections to most new buildings, dozens of cities have followed suit with similar policies. Now, a federal appeals court will decide whether the local statute is allowed under federal law.

How to Draft Effective Energy-Efficient Building Policies

A new report offers recommendations to governments about better design and implementation of these policies and the program evaluations.

Can My Electric Car Power My House?

Bidirectional charging is the next big stage for electric vehicles. But storing power in your car and sending it back to your house involves more than flipping a switch.

War in Ukraine, Soaring Gas Prices Shatter Consensus on Electric Vehicle Rollout

Republicans are raising concerns about energy security and reliance on Russia and China, as Democrats say the nation needs to press ahead transitioning away from gas-powered vehicles.

States With the Highest and Lowest Gasoline Prices

California continues to have the highest gas prices in the U.S. and Oklahoma has the lowest, according to a recent report.

Rihanna Commits Millions to US Climate Change Efforts

The superstar singer's foundation is doling out grants to organizations focused on and led by women, youth, Black, Indigenous, people of color and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Cities With the Least and Most Energy Use

San Francisco ranks No. 1 on the City Clean Energy Scorecard while Baton Rouge, Louisiana came in last.

California First State to Outlaw Gas-powered Lawn Mowers and Leaf Blowers

The legislation comes with $30 million in funding to help aid the transition. Other states and localities have or are considering restricting the equipment.

7 Offshore Wind Leases Could be Economic Boon to US Coastal Communities

The Interior Department is "laying out an ambitious roadmap" for the proposed wind power sites in waters off eastern and western states by 2025.

US Approves its First Big Offshore Wind Farm, Near Martha’s Vineyard – it’s a Breakthrough for the Industry

COMMENTARY | Building a U.S. offshore wind industry will require more than just fast-tracking permits.

State-Supported 'Clean Energy' Loans Are Putting Borrowers At Risk of Losing Their Homes

Dozens of Missouri homeowners who used PACE loans to fix up their houses ended up trapped in debt and could soon see their homes sold at auction.

Gallup: Americans’ Anxiety About Energy Prices, Supply Sharply Rises

In the organization’s latest poll, 73% of those surveyed say they worry a “great deal/fair amount” about the availability and affordability of energy.

How to Improve Public Health, the Environment and Racial Equity All at Once: Upgrade Low-income Housing

COMMENTARY | Retrofitting low-income housing is a way to tackle some of the nation's pressing health, social and environmental challenges.