In Their Fight Against Big Oil, Cities Turn to Laws That Took Down Mobsters

The use of RICO laws could be the start of a new wave of climate lawsuits and a sign that cities and states are trying to learn from the successes and failures of the tobacco and opioid litigation movements.

LEDs Bring Energy Savings—and Light Pollution

As Washington, D.C., replaces existing streetlights with LEDs to save money and cut energy usage, it is running up against a problem—the streets are now too bright, and it’s impacting people and wildlife.

With Summer Coming Fast, Regulator Warns of Electric Reliability Issues

A huge share of the continent could be in for a summer of electricity shortages in the event of severe, long-lasting heat.

Billions in Loans and Grants to Make Multifamily Homes Energy Efficient

Incentives for green retrofitting often target individual homeowners. A new federal program will fund energy-efficient and climate-resilient upgrades in multifamily homes, which can improve the quality of life of historically underserved populations.

A Roadmap to Achieving 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy

COMMENTARY | A new clean energy procurement trend is gaining momentum in cities racing to meet ambitious climate goals. Here’s how 24/7 carbon-free energy works, how local governments can get started on this approach and where they can look for support.

New York To Ban Fossil Fuels in New Buildings. 23 States Have Forbidden Such Bans.

A partisan rift is widening as states clash over electrification of buildings.

How Regions Can Pivot From Carbon- to Tech-based Economies

Shifting a regional economy is a long-term commitment that requires data-based strategies, economic and racial inclusion and significant, sustained investment in education, a recent report says.

Report: Laid Off Fossil Fuel Workers Need Support

COMMENTARY | As the energy landscape shifts toward renewables, a survey of laid off fossil fuel workers documents the challenges they face.

First Natural Gas Ban in the US Just Got Shot Down

A federal court overturned Berkeley, California's precedent-setting measure for new buildings, putting in jeopardy scores of similar rules.

A Tax Break on Clean Energy Projects Is Coming to Coal and Oil Towns

The Biden administration wants to give the fossil fuel "energy communities" of coal country and beyond an economic boost.

Biden Administration Moves to Lower Toxins Released by Coal Plants

The new standards would limit the amount of mercury and other toxins that plants could release.

Biden Administration Releases Road Map to Scale Up Nuclear, Hydrogen and Energy Storage

The reports address key challenges and potential solutions for getting these clean energy technologies off the ground.

A Government Program Hopes to Find Critical Minerals Right Beneath our Feet

Federal scientists are using recon flights and field research to track down metals that are key to the energy transition.

State & Local Roundup: Offshore Wind Push Expands to the Gulf of Mexico

Plus: The mayors of Chicago and New Orleans could lose their jobs; an “innovative” housing plan is defunded; Boston struggles to recruit transit chief; “right to repair” bills proliferate; and more news you can use from around the country.

The States Gaining the Most Clean Energy Jobs

A new analysis finds companies have announced more than 100,000 positions in fields like solar and wind power and battery-making since Democrats pushed through a massive climate law.

Minnesota to Require 100% Carbon-free Electricity by 2040

Utilities can use a mix of solar, wind, hydropower, nuclear, hydrogen power, and biomass—energy obtained from burning wood and trash—to meet the 2040 goal.

Wind Farms Deliver Economic Jolt to Rural Middle America

Wind farms boosted seven of 10 counties with the nation’s largest economic output gains.

To Get Off Fossil Fuels, America Is Going to Need a Lot More Electricians

A shortage of skilled labor could derail efforts to "electrify everything."

'Green Banks,' Poised for Billions in Climate Funds, Draw States' Attention

These banks provide financing for projects from efficient appliances to solar panels.

3 Tips to Improve Your Local Utility Service

COMMENTARY | Utility companies often suffer from poor customer service ratings. Here’s a way to fix that.