Urban Heat Map Reveals Priority Spots for Cooling Efforts

Citizen scientists in Milwaukee collected air temperature and humidity data to help state officials focus where heat prevention efforts are most needed.

A New Bill in Washington State Seeks to Reduce Unneeded Packaging

Laws requiring companies to cover the costs of recycling services are gaining momentum in the U.S. Washington is one of the latest states to consider a strategy that is popular in Europe.

House GOP Would Make It Easier for Feds to Give Public Lands Away to States

The rule would apply to any land owned by the federal government, almost all of which is in 11 Western states and Alaska.

Communities are Rethinking Their Push for Data Centers

More governments are looking into the environmental effects of data centers on neighborhoods.

Cutting Building Emissions is About More Than Gas Stoves

As an uproar over the future of gas appliances burns hot, it's overshadowing efficiency gains and other benefits states can achieve with building code updates.

States at Center of Battle Over Gas Furnaces and Stoves

Moved by environmental and health concerns, action by state officials to ban natural gas in buildings is heating up. But the plans are also sparking opposition.

Miami-Dade Debuts Plan to Tackle Extreme Heat Problem

The Florida county, which has the most days of extreme heat in the nation, will, among other things, plant more trees and install cool pavement.

'Green Banks,' Poised for Billions in Climate Funds, Draw States' Attention

These banks provide financing for projects from efficient appliances to solar panels.

How California Could Save Up Its Rain to Ease Future Droughts

COMMENTARY | Instead of watching epic rainfalls just drain into the Pacific Ocean, the state could put it in the ground to replenish groundwater supplies.

Here Are 4 Ways to Train Workers for Green Jobs

COMMENTARY | There are not enough skilled workers to meet the rapid growth in green and sustainability jobs available. Here are four ways to get employees the necessary training.

New Orleans’ Christmas Trees Get a Second Life

An annual "Christmas Tree Drop" deposits thousands of repurposed trees throughout a Louisiana wildlife refuge to help restore wetlands.

After Years of Legal Action from States, 3M Will Stop Making ‘Forever Chemicals’

Legal experts estimate future PFAS litigation could cost the company more than $30 billion.

A Water War Is Brewing Over the Dwindling Colorado River

Diminished by climate change and overuse, the river can no longer provide the water states try to take from it.

$600M Slated for Jackson Water in Massive Federal Spending Bill

President Biden declared a state of emergency this summer in the most affected areas of the Mississippi city, where its water system is plagued with numerous problems.

A City Lost About 670,000 Trees. Now It Has a Plan to Replant Them

After a destructive storm, the Iowa locality will spend $37 million to plant more than 42,000 trees over 10 years. “So much of the plan is intended to be replicable to other cities,” says a city official.

Permitting Revamp and Pot Banking Left Out of Must-pass Defense Bill

In brokering the National Defense Authorization Act, congressional negotiators didn’t include a controversial overhaul of environmental permitting for energy projects, or provisions to open banking to state-regulated marijuana businesses.

Beaver Dams Lessen Damage From Droughts

COMMENTARY | American beavers' prolific dam building benefits river water quality so much, it outweighs the damaging influence of climate-driven droughts.

What It’s Like for a State Wildlife Agency to Star in a Reality TV Show

Nuisance bears, rabid skunks, search and rescue. Duties are seldom dull for New Hampshire Fish and Game. But for nine seasons the department added a twist to its operations, participating in the show “North Woods Law.”