6 Million in California Faced With Sharp Restrictions on Water Use

Drought is draining reservoirs, again. “This is a crisis” said one official, adding: “We cannot afford green lawns.”

Private Lands Are the Next Battleground in State Conservation Policy

Conserving 30% of U.S. lands and waters by 2030 depends on private landowners.

How Do You Plant More Trees in New York City? Give Them Away

In one Brooklyn neighborhood, saplings were available for residents to grab and plant in their own yards ahead of Earth Day.

Biden Reverses Trump's Rollback of Environmental Reviews for Infrastructure Projects

Critics say the latest update to the rules could bog down project timelines. But state transportation officials and environmental advocates welcomed the changes.

A Holistic Statewide Approach to Understanding Pollution Issues

COMMENTARY | Pollution and waste threaten everyone’s health, but some communities are hit harder than others. As the Biden administration looks to tackle these disparities, states can get ahead of federal mandates by identifying challenges in their communities now.

States Must Expand Data Sources for Strategic Flood Resilience

Failure to incorporate forward-looking climate data and demographic trends will limit states’ ability to develop effective flood mitigation plans, new research finds.

EPA Grants California the Power to Regulate Vehicle Pollution—Again

The move boosts California’s efforts to end the sale of gas-powered vehicles in the state, while clearing up legal questions raised by the Trump administration.

Gas Tax Proposal Threatens to Spark Trade War Among Northwest States

To pay for a transportation package, Washington state lawmakers want to tax refined gasoline sent to other states. Neighboring states are talking about ways to retaliate if the plan goes through.

Why California's Power to Regulate Auto Pollution Matters Nationwide

As the state regains the ability to set tailpipe standards stricter than the federal government's, it could have far-reaching effects.

EPA Chief Pledges to Get Dollars to Left Out Communities

The agency is controlling billions in infrastructure funding for water and sewer projects and brownfields cleanup.

Dollar Signs Drive Police Departments to Electric Car Experiments

Under pressure economically as well environmentally, governments are seeing savings in ditching fossil-fuel cars.

Vultures Descend on Small Town—and Won't Leave

For nearly a year, officials in Bunn, in northeastern North Carolina, have tried to deter dozens of buzzards from roosting on local buildings. Even propane cannon aren't working.

A State’s Plan for the Nation’s First Section of Wireless Charging Road

Michigan hopes to test out a short segment of roadway that will allow electric cars to recharge as they drive, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said.

Packaging Generates A lot of Waste – Now Maine and Oregon Want Manufacturers to Foot the Bill For Getting Rid of It

COMMENTARY | Packaging for consumer products represents a large share of U.S. solid waste, and barely half of it is recycled.

State Officials to Drone Operators: Please Stop Harassing the Animals

Wildlife officials in Colorado this week urged recreational drone pilots to avoid disrupting animals during flights, the latest example of a growing issue for state agencies.

Hunting Destructive Feral Hogs Saves Livestock and Property—and Provides ‘Excellent Table Fare’

Hunters in Alabama can now legally hunt wild pigs at night, an additional method of controlling the destructive invasive species.

In One State, Fish Populations Take Flight

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources drops thousands of fish from airplanes into lakes to maintain populations in high-altitude, hard-to-reach areas. Almost all of them survive.

The Era of Beach Driving May Be Coming to a Close

"We get feedback from the public on both sides. We get some people who say, 'This is what we're famous for, we should have it.' And then we get other people who say there shouldn't be cars on the beach. It's a big toss-up."

Waste Not? Some States Are Sending Less Food to Landfills

New York is one of eight states that have enacted laws to cut down on food in landfills, where it breaks down into methane, a potent greenhouse gas, and is released into the atmosphere.

In Pennsylvania, Agroforestry Holds a Key to Cleaning up Waterways and Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake may seem a distant locale to farmers in central Pennsylvania, but in the world of watersheds, they are very much connected.