Vultures Descend on Small Town—and Won't Leave

For nearly a year, officials in Bunn, in northeastern North Carolina, have tried to deter dozens of buzzards from roosting on local buildings. Even propane cannon aren't working.

A State’s Plan for the Nation’s First Section of Wireless Charging Road

Michigan hopes to test out a short segment of roadway that will allow electric cars to recharge as they drive, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said.

Packaging Generates A lot of Waste – Now Maine and Oregon Want Manufacturers to Foot the Bill For Getting Rid of It

COMMENTARY | Packaging for consumer products represents a large share of U.S. solid waste, and barely half of it is recycled.

State Officials to Drone Operators: Please Stop Harassing the Animals

Wildlife officials in Colorado this week urged recreational drone pilots to avoid disrupting animals during flights, the latest example of a growing issue for state agencies.

Hunting Destructive Feral Hogs Saves Livestock and Property—and Provides ‘Excellent Table Fare’

Hunters in Alabama can now legally hunt wild pigs at night, an additional method of controlling the destructive invasive species.

In One State, Fish Populations Take Flight

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources drops thousands of fish from airplanes into lakes to maintain populations in high-altitude, hard-to-reach areas. Almost all of them survive.

The Era of Beach Driving May Be Coming to a Close

"We get feedback from the public on both sides. We get some people who say, 'This is what we're famous for, we should have it.' And then we get other people who say there shouldn't be cars on the beach. It's a big toss-up."

The Green New Deal Does Not, Strictly Speaking, Exist

The idea has reshaped global climate policy, but is far less concrete than its supporters have been led to believe.

Waste Not? Some States Are Sending Less Food to Landfills

New York is one of eight states that have enacted laws to cut down on food in landfills, where it breaks down into methane, a potent greenhouse gas, and is released into the atmosphere.

In Pennsylvania, Agroforestry Holds a Key to Cleaning up Waterways and Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake may seem a distant locale to farmers in central Pennsylvania, but in the world of watersheds, they are very much connected.

The Climate Emergency Calls for a New Approach to Mental Health

Disasters and disruptions brought on by climate change could produce collective traumas at scales never before seen.

Restoring Land Around Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells Would Free Up Millions of Acres of Forests, Farmlands and Grasslands

COMMENTARY | Abandoned US oil and gas wells and their associated land cover more than 2 million acres, a recent study estimates – an area larger than Delaware and Rhode Island.

Below Aging US Dams, a Potential Toxic Calamity

Documents suggest that in more than 80 U.S. locations, the failure of an aging dam could flood a major toxic waste site.

Atlantic Hurricane Season Starts June 1 – Here’s What Forecasters Are Watching Right Now

COMMENTARY | What are the warning signs that we might be in for another record hurricane season like 2020?

New Environmental Justice Measures Might Revive Cap-and-Trade

In Washington, the passage of a bill that places a cap on carbon emissions and charges polluters for contributing to climate change comes as support for such policies wanes. How the law plays out could could have implications for national climate policy.

The Cicadas Aren’t Coming. Billions are Already Here.

The 17-year cicadas are set to emerge from their underground lairs in multiple areas, with some cities and states finding creative ways to celebrate these large, noisy, clumsy insects.

US Approves its First Big Offshore Wind Farm, Near Martha’s Vineyard – it’s a Breakthrough for the Industry

COMMENTARY | Building a U.S. offshore wind industry will require more than just fast-tracking permits.

Wildfires Can Poison Drinking Water – Here’s How Communities Can be Better Prepared

COMMENTARY | Communities need to upgrade building codes to keep wildfires from causing this kind of widespread contamination of drinking water systems.

Poll: Water Pollution Americans' Top Environmental Concern

Among six environmental harms people are most worried about, polluted drinking water and lakes and rivers continually rank high on an annual Gallup survey.

Amid Drought, California Contests Nestlé’s Water Rights

Nestlé siphoned 58 million gallons of water from a creek outside of LA last year. Are they taking more than their share?