States take a more measured approach to ESG mandates

There's great recognition—on both sides of the issue—that strict pro- and anti-environmental, social and governance investing strategies can lead to unintended costs and administrative challenges.

This city in the West made itself drought-proof. Then its dam started leaking.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, and cities across the West rely on fragile water sources—and aging infrastructure.

Is it time to break up with fireworks?

Fourth of July celebrations have long featured flashy pyrotechnics. But more environmentally friendly spectacles could take their place.

The federal government just acknowledged the harm its dams have caused tribes. Here’s what it left out.

The Biden administration said officials historically gave “little, if any, consideration” to impacts on tribal fishing. But some sought deliberately to upend the harvest, according to documents obtained by ProPublica and Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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Lead water pipes created a health disaster in Flint, but their replacements carry hidden costs

COMMENTARY | Durability and the risk of chemicals being released when pipes heat up are just some of the concerns about plastic pipes.

How AI can help and hurt the environment

Artificial intelligence could put a greater strain on electricity, water and other resources already under pressure from data centers. But the technology also presents opportunities to address environmental challenges.

New York governor blocks downtown tolling plan at the last minute

Citing economic hardships, Gov. Kathy Hochul put an indefinite hold on the congestion pricing plan for Lower Manhattan, upending a decade of planning to reduce traffic and air pollution.

Support for rooftop solar outpaces other energy infrastructure

A new survey assessed support of local government officials in Michigan for solar, wind and nuclear energy infrastructure and power transmission.

Colorado takes a new—and likely more effective—approach to the housing crisis

COMMENTARY | Colorado’s transit-oriented housing has gained support among developers, city planners and environmental advocates.

After Supreme Court decision left wetlands unprotected, Colorado steps in

Lawmakers crafted new rules to protect and restore wetlands and streams left vulnerable following a decision by the high court that scaled back the types of places subject to the Clean Water Act.

As a critical deadline approaches, the Biden administration issues a flurry of regulations

The new rules cover subjects as varied as marijuana policy, vehicle pollution, civil rights for transgender students, and drinking water safety.

State-level conservation action sparks hope for nature

COMMENTARY | Spurred by strong local support and successful conservation ballot initiatives, elected leaders are collectively building a menu of policies that could turn the tide of nature loss.

Republican attorneys general mount a new attack on the EPA’s use of civil rights law

Twenty-three states want the Biden administration's EPA to curtail its approach to environmental justice.

States explore new incentives to lower the cost of EVs

Washington state became the latest state to roll out rebates for buying or leasing EVs this week, but other states are offering incentives to knock thousands of dollars off the cost of the vehicles, too.

In one city, litter meets its mechanical match

A pilot program in Detroit has enlisted a trash removal robot to reduce plastic pollution on the beach from entering local waterways.

Hundreds of millions up for grabs in environmental justice grants

Housing, air monitoring, green jobs and coastal resilience are some of the initiatives that could receive funding under the Inflation Reduction Act.

Senate rebukes Biden administration on effort to reduce vehicle pollution

Three Democrats and one independent joined the chamber’s Republicans, arguing the Federal Highway Administration overstepped its authority in requiring states to track greenhouse gas emissions. But the president threatened to veto the measure.

EPA issues first-ever drinking water standards for ‘forever chemicals’

The Biden administration also announced nearly $1 billion in newly available funding to help public water utilities implement PFAS testing and treatment.

Turf wars: States, cities grow skeptical of artificial grass

Bans on synthetic turf look to address its impact on the environment and human health.