In a City Scarred by Violence, a New Approach to Public Safety

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka and others have committed to reforming policing and healing the trauma that has haunted New Jersey's largest city since a deadly uprising in 1967.

Visualizing Vulnerability: County Maps Show Areas of Greatest Need

To study equity differences at systemic and place-based levels, Fairfax County put census data on color-coded maps so that officials can quickly see areas of greatest need.

The White House Chronicles Equity Efforts in the American Rescue Plan

The purpose is not to say, “mission accomplished,” but to continue sharing information and hearing what isn’t working, a senior White House official says.

Is This the Year for Two-woman Tickets?

Ohio Democrats this week picked women as their nominees for governor and lieutenant governor. Other voters could follow suit in a year when more women are running to lead their states.

Federal Agencies Pledge to Provide Funding More Equitably to Disadvantaged Communities

The departments said they will do more to address systemic racism in their programs and procedures and work more closely on these efforts with localities.

The States Most Accepting of LGBTQ+ Residents

Nearly all of the top 20 states are on the coasts, and the No. 1 state is surrounded by water, according to a recent report.

The Promise and Pitfalls of Tearing Down an Urban Freeway

There’s growing interest and new federal money for removing highways running through city neighborhoods. But when it comes to reviving communities, what replaces the roads may matter just as much as demolishing them.