Extreme Heat

Splash pads make waves across communities, replacing public pools

Observers say public pools are necessary community infrastructure and save lives. Splash pads have become a more affordable option.

Taking a train during a heat wave? Watch out for ‘sun kinks.’

As tracks heat up, they expand and buckle. That's forcing rail operators to adapt as the climate warms.

Biden administration announces new rule to protect workers from heat-related illnesses

The rule would cover 35 million workers whose jobs include being in the heat and require activities that could raise core body temperatures, like construction, agriculture and landscaping, as well as those in indoor environments, like kitchen workers.

It’s hot. Is your community pool open?

An ongoing lifeguard shortage means some pools and beaches are staying closed amid record-breaking heat waves across the U.S. Here’s what states and municipalities are doing about it.

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How hot weather can tamper with your words

As a heat wave continues to impact many parts of the Midwest and Northeast, a new study finds that politicians tend to use shorter words in speeches on hot days.

One city takes to the streets to address extreme heat

A Los Angeles neighborhood tested the impact of an innovative cool pavement coating, and research shows it holds potential to supplement climate mitigation efforts.

As summers grow ever hotter, OSHA appears ready to protect workers

Many in the construction and agriculture industries are opposed, but new research shows it would help them, too.