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House GOP Will Try to Block D.C. Police Reforms

After successfully overturning the district’s criminal code rewrite, House Republicans are now targeting police reforms passed by the city council.

Congress Overturns D.C.’s Criminal Code Rewrite

In total, 31 Democrats voted to block the Washington, D.C., law despite their strong support for home rule.

Bill Overturning D.C.'s Criminal Code Rewrite Appears Likely to Pass Congress

The White House defended President Biden’s decision not to veto the measure, which has angered many in the district.

More than $20M in Federal Funds Available for State-Based Insurance Marketplaces to Make Improvements

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services funding will help improve access and update systems to reflect new eligibility thresholds, state officials said.

State AGs Call on DHS to Withdraw Student Visa Rule Change Proposal

The coalition of 22 state attorneys general objects to a proposed rule change that would place time limits on visas for foreign students and members of the media.

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D.C. Will Get First Statehood Vote in Over Two Decades

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Catholic priest condemns Rhode Island lawmakers over abortion vote … New York prepares for coronavirus … Arizona considers mental health legislation.

HIV Treatment, Testing Not Reaching Enough People, CDC Says

New data shows that current treatment, testing and prevention methods are not reaching enough Americans to help curtail new HIV cases, which federal officials said underscores the need for expanded options.