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Is generative AI bad for the environment? A computer scientist explains the carbon footprint of ChatGPT and its cousins

As the carbon footprint of generative AI models continues to grow, one expert suggests leveraging renewable energy resources to keep up with user demands.

Conversational query: Kinetica builds ChatGPT front end to SQL database

A ChatGPT-based interface converts natural language questions into structured query language, allowing users to easily explore large, complex datasets.

AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton says AI is a new form of intelligence unlike our own. Have we been getting it wrong this whole time?

While artificial intelligence outperforms humans in tasks requiring data processing and pattern recognition, people excel in common sense and logic. Two experts discuss the difference, good and bad, between humans adn

Generative AI helps spot malicious open-source code

Developers can ask DroidGPT natural language questions about the code they’re researching and get instant ratings on its security from Endor Labs’ proprietary database.

AI-generated spam may soon be flooding your inbox – and it will be personalized to be especially persuasive

While generative AI tools help bad actors to fine-tune fraudulent messages, the tech can also be used to sharpen filters that block spam, an expert says.

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ChatGPT’s other risk: Oversharing confidential data

As many as 6.5% of employees have pasted their organization’s data into ChatGPT, and 3.1% have copied and pasted sensitive data to the program, recent research showed.

ChatGPT could make phishing more sophisticated

The latest version’s greater “steerability” allows users to vary the style and tone of generated text to make scams even harder to detect.