Gun Control

As Anxieties Rise, Californians Buy Hundreds of Thousands More Guns

Gun rights activists, gun control supporters and public health experts largely agree that the increase in gun sales is driven by fear, uncertainty and longing for a greater sense of protection.

State Ban on ‘High Capacity’ Gun Magazines Violates 2nd Amendment, 9th Circuit Rules

The California law, tied up in court since it was approved by voters in 2016, would ban the possession of firearms magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds.

The Overlooked Role of Guns in the Police-Reform Debate

COMMENTARY | Something is weirdly absent from the general discussion about police violence in America: the weapon most commonly used to inflict it.

Multiple Gun Cases Rejected By Supreme Court

The court hasn’t handed down a major Second Amendment ruling in about a decade. On Monday, it for now put off the possibility of changing that anytime soon.

Supreme Court Dismisses First Major Gun Case in a Decade

But at least four conservative justices made clear they would like to see the court take up another gun rights case soon.

Another Side Effect of Covid-19: More Guns

Researchers warn that the risks of gun ownership are now heightened by factors associated with the pandemic.

Are Gun Stores Essential During a Pandemic? Depends on Where You Live

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued guidance that deems firearms stores essential services, but state and local governments have drawn different conclusions on whether gun stores should remain open.

Teachers Unions Urge End of Active-Shooter Drills that Can Traumatize Students

In a new report, two teachers unions and a gun-control group recommend that schools stop using active-shooter drills—or at least revise them—amid fears the exercises are terrifying and damaging to students.

States Sue Trump Administration Over 3D-Printed Gun Regulations

The state attorneys general say they fear making online designs to create “ghost guns” more accessible will lead to violence.

'The Mayor Can Set The Tone': How City Leaders Respond to Mass Shootings

Mayors who have seen their cities go through mass shootings discuss how to recover from—and whether it's possible to prepare for—tragedy.

Kansas City Sues Gunmaker and Others Over Alleged Firearm Trafficking

The lawsuit by the Missouri city is the first one a municipality has filed against the gun industry in over 10 years, officials say.

How One Election May Have Shifted the Bar for Gun Control

After winning control of the Virginia statehouse, Democrats in 2020 are poised to pass gun control measures. It’s already set up a battle with local leaders in conservative parts of the state.

With ‘Outlier’ 2nd Amendment Case, Supreme Court Could Raise Bar for Gun Laws

The New York City case gives the court a chance to tighten the standards that lower courts use to decide whether firearms regulations are constitutional.

Deaths Attributed to Those With Concealed Carry Permits Tracked in New Report

Researchers found 1,335 deaths in the past twelve years, spread across 40 states.

People With Mental Illnesses Aren’t More Violent. Why Do People Believe They Are?

A new study found that over the past two decades support grew for forced treatment of people with mental health issues, even if they don’t need it.

Cities Defend State Law that Prohibits People from Carrying Guns While Drunk

Six cities in Ohio filed a legal brief supporting a state law that makes it illegal for anyone to use a gun when intoxicated in response to claims that the policy is unconstitutional.

NRA Files Lawsuit Against San Francisco after City Supervisors Label It a Terror Group

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Seattle takes up crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women … North Dakota abortion language law blocked by judge … Missouri deep in red on jail payments to counties.

Red Flag Laws Spur Debate Over Due Process

Some critics say the increasingly popular gun laws are unconstitutional.

Ohio Governor Wants to Fix 'Flaw' in Gun Background Check Reporting

Under Gov. Mike DeWine's proposal, state law enforcement agencies would be required to report open warrants and domestic violence convictions to federal authorities for inclusion in the gun background check system.

Success of Red Flag Laws Might Depend on Mental Health Teams

Few local police forces are trained to prevent would-be shooters from acting.