Gun Control

One city's long and historic lawsuit against the gun industry appears to have met its end

After surviving 25 years of appeals, Gary, Indiana's efforts to hold firearm manufacturers responsible for illegal gun sales is likely over after the governor signed a bill aimed at extinguishing the suit.

Does your state have strict gun laws? Chances are it saw a drop in gun homicides.

A new analysis from the left-leaning Center for American Progress says there is a correlation between a state’s gun laws and its shooting homicides.

The U.S. Supreme Court weighs several gun right cases

But a decision in one would strike down a nearly 30-year-old federal law as well as state laws in 46 states and Washington, D.C.

States begin tapping Medicaid dollars to combat gun violence

Despite national homicide rates declining, some cities still see violence prevail. And with the number of gun purchases at a historical high in the U.S., states are turning to Medicaid funding to support violence prevention programs.

Mayors urge ATF to finalize rules to expand background checks

The proposed rules would close the “gun show loophole,” which is one of several loopholes that currently allows one-fifth of all the guns sold in the nation to be sold without background checks.

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New White House office will work with communities to curb gun violence

The office will look to build off of last year’s landmark gun legislation and has been applauded by national local government associations who have called gun violence an “incredibly serious issue in America.”

Texas House Panel OKs Bill Raising Age to Buy Semi-Automatic Rifles

The surprise legislation—just days after the shooting at a mall in Allen, Texas—would raise the minimum age for purchasing certain firearms. The bill still faces an uphill climb in the legislature.

Three Possible Bipartisan Approaches Emerge in Curbing Gun Violence

While state approaches to gun laws vary widely, some see places where both sides of the debate can find agreement. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

Nashville Attack Renews Calls for Assault Weapons Ban

COMMENTARY | Data shows that there were fewer mass shooting deaths during the 10 years in which the U.S. banned sales of assault weapons—a trend that reversed as soon as the ban expired.

Young Men Have Higher Risk of Gun Death in Some US Cities Than in War

In some U.S. ZIP codes, young men are more at risk of firearm-related injuries than military individuals deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq, a study finds.

Transit Agency Pilots Gun Detection Tech

Philadelphia’s SEPTA will test an AI-based video analytics solution that aims to reduce gun-related violence on train platforms.

Court Fights Begin Over Gun Bans in Places Like Subways and Bars

The legal wrangling comes after the Supreme Court placed new limits earlier this year on the restrictions states and localities can impose on where people can carry firearms. For now, it’s left to lower courts to hash out how that looks in practice.

Philadelphia Mayor's Ban on Guns in Parks and Rec Centers Criticized as ‘Meaningless’

Critics question whether Mayor Jim Kenney's executive order can be effective given state firearms laws. It comes after a parks and recreation worker was struck by a stray bullet and killed.

Reducing Gun Violence: A Complicated Problem Can’t Be Solved With Just One Approach

Indianapolis is trying programs ranging from job skills to therapy to violence interrupters to find out what works

15 Mayors to Target Manufacturers of Guns Used in Crimes

Possible legal action may come against the top five producers of firearms used for illegal activities.

$750M Headed to States For New Gun Control Initiatives

But legal experts say a key part for states—red flag laws—could be in jeopardy after the conservative Supreme Court struck down New York’s gun law last week.

Supreme Court Ruling Erodes State and Local Power Over Gun Laws

The decision in the New York case will make it more difficult to keep people from carrying firearms outside the home. It does allow governments to ban guns in ‘sensitive places,’ but further court battles are likely ahead to determine how that looks.

Here's What the Gun Safety Deal Would Mean for States

In a compromise, Democrats backed off on using funds only to encourage states to pass red flag laws that enable authorities to seize guns from people considered threatening, opening millions in federal incentive funding for "crisis intervention" as well.

A Patchwork of State Red Flag Laws is Likely Under the Gun Safety Deal

Congressional negotiators plan to give states leeway designing the laws to seize firearms from people considered dangerous. It could mean a wide range of approaches balancing safety with gun rights.

Why Flexibility for States is a Central Part of the Gun Safety Deal

Details of the package are still coming into focus. But senators are emphasizing that states will hold heavy sway when it comes to shaping the red flag laws the legislation seeks to incentivize.