Health Care

Two States Now Offer Free In-home Nurse Visits for New Parents

The visits, offered in Oregon and now New Jersey, include a health and wellness check for both the baby and the parents, an effort to improve maternal mortality rates and boost family well-being.

More than $20M in Federal Funds Available for State-Based Insurance Marketplaces to Make Improvements

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services funding will help improve access and update systems to reflect new eligibility thresholds, state officials said.

Covid Infections Fall Steeply in Nursing Homes Since Vaccine Rollout

Since December, infection and death rates among residents and workers in long-term care facilities have significantly declined and fewer health care workers are refusing vaccines.

Family Caregivers are the Health Care Workers that Vaccination Plans Overlook

COMMENTARY | Millions of family members provide medical care for loved ones with disabling conditions. Excluding them from vaccination plans is symptomatic of a failure to formally integrate and recognize them as part of the health care system.

Montana’s Health Policy MVP Takes Her Playbook on the Road

Marilyn Bartlett saved the state of Montana more than $30 million in three years by pegging hospital prices to a multiple of what Medicare pays. But she's finding the model she used in the state difficult to replicate elsewhere.

As Drug Prices Keep Rising, State Lawmakers Propose Tough New Bills to Curb Them

With progress on the issue elusive in Congress, legislators in a half-dozen states are seeking to rein in prescription drug costs.

Are Conservative Policies Shortening American Lives?

Americans have shorter lives than international peers. Some researchers now say conservative policies may be to blame.

Farmers Can be Isolated and Unsure How to Seek Support. One State is Trying to Help.

Farmers in Wisconsin can access a 24-hour hotline, free counseling and, soon, virtual support groups. It's all part of a state-funded wellness program focused on the agricultural community.

Biden’s First Order of Business May Be to Undo Trump’s Policies, but It Won’t Be Easy

President Donald Trump made substantial changes to the nation’s health care system using executive branch authority. But reversing policies that Democrats oppose would take time and personnel resources, competing with other priorities of the new administration.

Illinois Is First in the Nation to Extend Health Coverage to Undocumented Seniors

Undocumented immigrants without health insurance often skip care.

Pandemic Could Hurt Home-Based Care for Kids With 24/7 Needs

“It’s horrifying, it’s inhumane, and it doesn’t make any financial sense.”

Children’s Hospitals Grapple With Wave of Mental Illness

Efforts to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus in the United States have led to drastic changes in the way children and teens learn, play and socialize.

Amid Surge in Cases, States Turn to Field Hospitals

Health care systems in many states are overwhelmed by the number of Covid-19 patients. Some states are building field hospitals or reopening ones built earlier in the pandemic.

No More ICU Beds at the Main Public Hospital in the Nation’s Largest County

Similar scenes — packed wards, overworked medical staffers, harried administrators and grieving families — are playing out in hospitals across the state and the nation.

‘Trigger Laws’ in Some States Would Ban Abortion Immediately If Roe is Overturned

The country already has a patchwork of different restrictions on abortion. How would that change in a post-Roe world?

It’s Time to Scare People About Covid

COMMENTARY | It’s time for some sharp, focused, terrifying realism.

Trump Takes a Final Shot at Obamacare Exchanges

This year, nearly 11.5 million Americans got health coverage via an exchange.

States Are Paying to Hire Nurses for Struggling Hospitals

Missouri is the second state to partner with a Texas-based company to bring in out-of-state nurses to temporarily increase hospital capacity ahead of an expected holiday surge of Covid-19 patients.

As Hospitals Fill With Covid Patients, Medical Reinforcements Are Hard to Find

More than 93,000 COVID patients are hospitalized across the country. But beds and space aren't the main concern for hospital administrators — It's the health care workforce.

One State Urges Weekly Covid Testing for Hospital Workers

The California state health department increased its guidelines for hospitals, saying weekly testing of employees should begin by Dec. 14.