Health Care

Here’s What’s In Biden’s Budget Plan for State and Local Governments

The administration, among other things, wants to dramatically increase funding for housing and restore the child tax credit.

Idaho Dropped Thousands From Medicaid in the Pandemic’s First Years

The removals, detailed in emails between state and federal health officials, hinged on disagreements over how states could disenroll people during the public health emergency. Consumer advocates fear the alleged violation signals the mess to come on April 1, when the pandemic-era Medicaid coverage mandate ends.

California Dangles Bonuses for Nursing Homes That Add Staff

Rather than simply reward top-performing facilities, the state’s Medicaid program will hand bonuses to nursing homes — even low-rated ones — for hiring more workers and reducing staff turnover.

Texas Town Tries a New Model for Saving Rural Health Care

Federal pandemic aid that has helped many rural hospitals stave off collapse is rapidly drying up.

States Strive to Reverse Shortage of Paramedics, EMTs

Two-thirds of states considered legislation last year related to emergency medical workers.

End Nears for Covid Public Health Emergency

But expansions of key safety net programs that involve states are no longer tied to the directive and are already set to wind down.

More States Are Doing What They Can to Cap Insulin Costs

Twenty-two states limit copays for patients in Obamacare or state worker health plans.

As Congress Sunsets a Covid-Era Medicaid Program, Millions Could Lose Coverage

During the early days of the pandemic, Congress banned states from stripping people of Medicaid coverage. That and an additional $90 billion a year in federal funding to the states is coming to an end.

What the $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill Includes for States and Localities

Congressional lawmakers fought back attempts by conservatives to delay the legislation until next year, approving billions for infrastructure, new regional technology hubs, homelessness programs and other state and local government priorities.

How States Can Strengthen Support for Family Caregivers

COMMENTARY | The U.S. relies heavily on unpaid family caregivers to support older adults and people living with disabilities. Now, a historic report provides new opportunities for governments to support these caregivers.

How One State is Curbing Growth in Health Care Costs

Massachusetts is known for high medical expenses. But a unique initiative there is helping to dramatically slow increases and has other states taking notice. Here’s how it works.

Maternal Health Risks Increase Where Rent is High

COMMENTARY | New research links high rent relative to income with life-threatening risks to maternal health during labor and delivery.

This Midwestern City Plans to Wipe Out Residents’ Medical Debt

The new program follows a similar one launched in Cook County, Illinois earlier this year.

Fight Over Health Care Minimum Wage Yields a Split Decision in Southern California

Voters in Inglewood were poised to approve a union-backed $25 minimum wage for workers at private hospitals and facilities, while nearby voters rejected it.

Stopping the Churn: Why Some States Want to Guarantee Medicaid Coverage From Birth to Age 6

Oregon has become the first state to allow kids to stay in the government health care program from birth to age 6, no matter if their household income changes. California, Washington, and New Mexico are pursuing similar policies.

Kentucky Becomes Second Conservative State to Reject Anti-abortion Amendment This Year

Following this summer’s vote in Kansas, the race could strengthen an argument that abortion restrictions are a losing issue, even in conservative states.

How States are Stifling Treatment for People Struggling With Opioids

COMMENTARY | Nearly 90% of people with opioid use disorder aren’t getting medical treatment. Nurse practitioners can help provide that care, but are limited from doing so in 24 states.

Nevada's Public Health Insurance Option Could Bring More Than $1B in Savings

It’s also expected to raise the rate of Nevadans with health insurance.

Medicaid Enrollment Soared by 25% During the Covid-19 Pandemic

COMMENTARY | But a big decline could happen soon.

Medicaid Program Expands Funding for Seniors and People with Disabilities, but its Future Remains Uncertain

Medicaid's Money Follows the Person has allowed over 90,000 people with disabilities and seniors to move out of nursing homes and back into their communities. But Congress still won’t make the funding permanent.