Health Care

Even After Lockdowns Eased, Pandemic Depression Persisted Across Social Classes

A new study finds that adults in the U.S. reported the same levels of depression a year into the pandemic as they did at the outset.

Rideshare Riders Could Get Stuck with Medical Bills in a Crash

In some states, Uber and Lyft don’t have to pay if passengers are hurt in a hit-and-run accident.

Health Worker Shortage Forces States to Scramble

The lack of these workers is so dire that at least 20 governors addressed the situation in their state of the state speeches, proposing a range of policy fixes.

As Nurses Quit, States Seek to Train More

A sense of crisis powered efforts to increase nurse training and licensure this year.

Collaboration Provides Effective Approach to State's Human Services

Oklahoma is on the cutting edge of a national trend bringing foundations, nonprofits and the Department of Human Services together to help residents in need.

Cities and States With the Highest STD Rates

Sexually transmitted diseases in the U.S. are at an all-time high, and places coast to coast are affected, according to government statistics.

5 Steps to More Equitable Health Care in Communities

Expanding telehealth, partnering with local organizations and building health care teams are among the strategies, according to research.

Libraries Hiring Social Workers as Mental Health Issues and Homelessness Soar

The placement of full-time licensed social workers in public libraries nationwide will become even more pronounced in the next few years, experts say.

State Attorneys General Open Investigation Into TikTok

The bipartisan group of state officials wants to know if the social media platform with more than 1 billion users could be harmful to children and young adults.

The New Restrictions Conservative State Lawmakers are Pushing on Transgender Kids

Proposals in states like Texas and Alabama come as Republicans are trying to fend off challengers and make gains against Democrats in this year’s elections.

Travel Nurses Saw a Pay Increase During the Pandemic. They Could Lose Those Benefits

Travel nurses, who are in high demand and earning as much as twice their pre-pandemic wages, are in an uproar after legislators call for an investigation that could lead to lowering their pay.

Big City Health Departments Warn of Major Epidemiologist Shortage

“There’s been a significant loss of people leaving the workforce,” says the head of a group that represents the agencies.

Why Millions on Medicaid Are at Risk of Losing Coverage

State Medicaid agencies for months have been preparing for the end of a federal mandate that has prevented states from removing people from the safety-net program during the pandemic.

31 States Have Laws That Allow Forced Sterilizations

A new report from the National Women’s Law Center lays out the laws, some passed as recently as 2019, around an overlooked aspect of reproductive justice.

Rihanna Commits Millions to US Climate Change Efforts

The superstar singer's foundation is doling out grants to organizations focused on and led by women, youth, Black, Indigenous, people of color and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Covid Conflicts Smolder in States

But there might be bipartisanship on telehealth and hospital staffing.

Unpaid Family Caregivers Lose $522B in Wages Every Year

COMMENTARY | The 53 million people who provide critical care and support to older adults and people with disabilities are suffering financially, physically and mentally. It’s time for governments to do more for them.

Mattresses and Mold Removal: Medi-Cal to Offer Unconventional Treatments to Asthma Patients

MADERA, Calif. — Growing up amid the dusty agricultural fields of the Central Valley, Ruby Marentes-Cabrera can’t recall a time when it wasn’t difficult to breathe.

How Governments Can Minimize Harassment of Public Officials

Complex factors are at play, including polarization, misinformation and social media. But there are safety measures localities can take to protect local leaders, according to the National League of Cities.