Health Care

Our Relationship With Covid Vaccines Is Just Getting Started

We probably will need additional shots. But just how many depends on our immune systems, the virus and how often they collide.

Omicron Will Overwhelm America’s Emergency Rooms

COMMENTARY | Hospitals are already strained, and many health-care workers have little left to give.

Unpaid Family Caregivers Lose $522B in Wages Every Year

COMMENTARY | The 53 million people who provide critical care and support to older adults and people with disabilities are suffering financially, physically and mentally. It’s time for governments to do more for them.

America Is Not Ready for Omicron

The new variant poses a far graver threat at the collective level than the individual one—the kind of test that the U.S. has repeatedly failed.

Mattresses and Mold Removal: Medi-Cal to Offer Unconventional Treatments to Asthma Patients

MADERA, Calif. — Growing up amid the dusty agricultural fields of the Central Valley, Ruby Marentes-Cabrera can’t recall a time when it wasn’t difficult to breathe.

How Governments Can Minimize Harassment of Public Officials

Complex factors are at play, including polarization, misinformation and social media. But there are safety measures localities can take to protect local leaders, according to the National League of Cities.

With Too Few Nurses, It Won’t Take Much to Overwhelm Hospitals This Winter

Even as a new COVID-19 variant starts to spread in the United States, staff shortages have made it impossible for many hospitals to operate at full capacity.

New York City Expands Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate to All Private Employers

The new requirement will take effect Dec. 27, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday.

Surgeons Sometimes Deny Organ Transplants for Disabled Patients. State Lawmakers Are Changing That.

Twenty-nine states prevent doctors from considering a person's disability when determining eligibility for an organ transplant. Wisconsin could join them.

Telehealth May Be Here to Stay

The use of remote health services soared during the pandemic.

Feds Begin Distributing $7.5B to Rural Health Providers

The funding comes after the pandemic dealt a hit to rural America's already eroding health care system.

The Best and Worst States for Health Care

Massachusetts ranks as the best state for health care while Alabama ranks as the worst, according to a report.

How the Democratic Child-Care Proposal Hurts Families

COMMENTARY | Despite worthy intentions, it will drive up costs for some families while providing no benefits to the poorest and most vulnerable children.

States Should Permanently Lift Practice Barriers for Nurses

COMMENTARY | Nurses can be a key force in helping to bridge gaps in health care access. But many states deny them the ability to practice to their full capabilities.

The Federal Government Spent Record Amounts of Money on Children Last Year. It Probably Won’t Last.

Spending on children—including tax programs, education, nutrition and social services—by state and local governments also will likely fall back to pre-pandemic levels within several years as Covid-19 relief measures expire, according to an Urban Institute report.

Why Health-care Workers Are Quitting in Droves

About one in five health-care workers has left medicine since the pandemic started. This is their story—and the story of those left behind.

Mental Health Disorders Qualify You for a Covid-19 Booster. It’s Unclear How Many People Know That.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made the change a month ago, but finding the information online can be tricky.

Parental Leave Is American Exceptionalism at Its Bleakest

The U.S. is the only wealthy country in the world that leaves new parents to fend for themselves.

$1.2T Infrastructure Plan Offers Lucrative Target for Fraud

Research shows there are ways to fight fraud, but the bill contains very little language aimed at doing so.

It’s Time to Contemplate the End of the Crisis

COMMENTARY | Immunity is rising, and the approval of shots for young children is one of the last thresholds before a return to greater normalcy.