Health & Human Services

Covid Exodus Fills Vacation Towns With New Medical Pressures

As people stick around in posh destinations used to only dealing with tourist influxes for one season, some local leaders are worried about strains on medical facilities both for newcomers and longtime residents.

Lawmakers Consider Staffing Mandates to Reduce Stress and Burnout for Nurses

More than two-thirds of state lawmakers in New York have signed onto a bill that would require nurse-to-patient ratios, which supporters say would reduce burnout and improve medical outcomes for patients.

States and Counties Mandate Covid-19 Testing for Farm Workers

A handful of states and counties are requiring Covid-19 testing for farm and food-processing workers after several clusters of positive cases were traced back to agricultural facilities.

Prognosis for Rural Hospitals Worsens With Pandemic

Financially troubled hospitals found themselves struggling even more as patients began postponing doctor appointments and elective surgery.

Paid Leave Measure to Appear on Colorado Ballot This November

The medical and family leave program would be funded by a tax paid by employers and workers in the state. Eight other states now have similar programs in place.

State Lawmakers Advance Bills to Protect Workers and Residents at Nursing Homes

Lawmakers in New Jersey last week moved legislation meant to curb Covid-19's spread in nursing homes and care facilities, including proposals to prioritize PPE and require increased wages for health workers.

Trump Is Sending Fast, Cheap Covid Tests to Nursing Homes—But There’s a Hitch

Experts are split on the utility of rapid tests to detect the disease in asymptomatic patients, which some say could blunt their effectiveness as officials try to halt future spread of the coronavirus in nursing homes.

One State Launches Online Tool to Help Residents Gauge Risk of Exposure to Covid-19

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services launched the "Decision Tool" after contact-tracing data showed an increase in the number of positive coronavirus cases linked to mass gatherings.

Asymptomatic Spread a Major Source of Infection, D.C. Health Finds

An analysis from the district's health department found that 51% of people who tested positive for the virus between July 31 and Aug. 13 likely got it from an infected person who showed no symptoms.

Local Officials Say a Nursing Home Dumped Residents to Die at Hospitals

The deaths of 18 residents of a New York nursing home highlight the continuing controversy over the Cuomo administration’s decision not to count deaths in hospitals as nursing home deaths. The home denies the allegations.

Health Care Workers of Color Nearly Twice as Likely as Whites to Get Covid-19

A study also found that health care workers are three times more likely than people in the general public to test positive.

A Government-University Partnership to Train Students as Contact Tracers

Students at Dominican University in San Rafael, California, can learn to be contact tracers and get on-the-job training in pandemic response with the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services.

As Virus Cases Rise in Long-Term Care Facilities, Industry Seeks Help

Nursing homes and other facilities in states where the virus is surging are seeing especially large increases in case counts, according to a new analysis.

Over Five Million Have Lost Employer-Based Health Insurance, Study Finds

The losses have come as the coronavirus outbreak has caused widespread layoffs and furloughs. Nearly half of those who lost their insurance are concentrated in five states.

Supreme Court Says Employers Can Deny Birth Control Coverage Due to Religious or Moral Objections

In a 7-2 decision, the court said the Affordable Care Act grants the federal government power to "identify and create exemptions from its own guidelines."

CDC: Patients With Pre-Existing Conditions 12 Times More Likely to Die From Coronavirus

The coronavirus is particularly deadly for people with pre-existing conditions and continues to disproportionately affect people of color, according to data from the CDC.

Kentucky Governor Wants State to Help All Black Residents Get Health Insurance

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Long lines to vote in Atlanta ... Louisville could ban most no-knock warrants ... A climbing number of Covid-19 cases in Arizona.

Efforts To Curb Congenital Syphilis Falter In Covid’s Shadow

A new report found that in 2018 almost 30% of women who gave birth to a baby with syphilis had no prenatal care and weren't tested in time to receive treatment.

Poll: Nearly Three-Fourths of Americans Would Get Coronavirus Vaccine

Seventy-one percent of Americans would get a coronavirus vaccine if it were free and widely available, a large increase from just a week ago, according to a poll released Tuesday.