Health Technology

Ransomware attacks on hospitals put patients at risk

The University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, Vt., was hit by a massive ransomware attack during the COVID-19 pandemic. A growing number of health care systems have faced cyberattacks.

The unrealized promise in COVID apps

Digital vaccine credentials and exposure notification apps could dramatically streamline public health processes, but their effectiveness in practice so far remains limited.

Medical response app for mass casualty incidents

The Resource Information Tracking and Medical Communications Application will not only allow clinicians and local responders to chat and videoconference, but it will also create a common operating picture for officials managing a disaster.

3 pillars of effective digital vaccine passports

By providing a secure and easy-to-use digital mechanism for verifying vaccination status, governments can build a secure and trusted foundation for future digital health care initiatives.

Centralized address database eases NG911 adoption

Several Georgia counties and cities banded together to better share information and improve 911 capabilities using a cloud-hosted spatial database.

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Telehealth app helps medical staff find specialists

With the National Emergency Tele-Critical Care Network app, users can set up virtual critical care wards and help medical staff find available remote experts by searching for an on-duty provider by specialty.

Machine learning service streamlines data input for FDA

The machine-learning-as-a-service platform is a collection of cloud-delivered ML solutions, tools and technologies that accelerate the delivery of solutions that help the Food and Drug Administration deliver on its regulatory mission.

Machine learning spots language disparities to improve COVID-19 tracing

Thanks to researchers at Stanford University, public health officials in Stata Clara County, California, can better predict individual’s language needs, helping contact tracers resolve cases faster.

Some states are cloaking prison COVID data

While most corrections systems have never provided much information about the spread of the virus in their institutions, lately it has gotten worse. Even less transparency is available from city and county jails and in juvenile detention facilities.

5 ways to keep vaccine ‘cold chain’ safe from hackers

Health systems can protect themselves from electromagnetic interference that fools temperature sensors into giving false readings.

NYC tests transit airflow to prepare for hazmat accidents or attacks

Scientists will release small quantities of non-toxic materials at more than 120 subway stations and aboveground locations to collect data on how far they travel and what their concentration is when found.

Oregon automates hospital capacity data analysis

The Oregon Capacity System allows any health system in the state to visualize occupancy by type and location in real time.

CDC eyes electronic verification of staff vaccinations

CDC is looking for a way to authenticate COVID-19 vaccine data on its employees and to provide proof of recent tests for employees traveling abroad.

Real-time intelligent software can help the VA save lives

Software powered by clinical and administrative business intelligence thats allow real-time monitoring and timely action can help prevent veteran suicide.

Minnesota launches digital vaccination record

Using the Docket app, Minnesotans can access their immunization records to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

States’ smartphone exposure notification apps get mixed reviews

While the apps improved the speed and reach of contact tracing, the Government Accountability Office found several challenges limiting app use and the ability of states and others to determine whether the apps were effective.

How data, analytics and AI power public health

Advances in immunization information systems and contact tracing are a few example of progress made during the pandemic that will set the tone for years to come.

Hawaii unwraps voluntary digital vaccination record

Hawaii has become the latest state to allow residents to upload and verify their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Virginia expands sewage surveillance for COVID

To better spot infections before cases spike, the Virginia Department of Health’s wastewater surveillance testing program will start receiving data weekly from 25 sites selected based on geographical location and population-testing rates.

COVID dashboard tracks county virus spread

Washoe County, Nev., turned to Esri ArcGIS to create a dashboard that would monitor the virus’ progression through the area.