Rationing Housing by Scoring Homeless People’s Trauma

A process called coordinated entry, used by cities across the country, is meant to match homeless people with housing. In San Francisco’s version, the system could be making it harder for some populations to get indoors.

Homeless Camping Bans Are Spreading. This Group Shaped the Bills

A Texas-based think tank is promoting a ban on unofficial encampments.

Federal Pandemic Aid is Providing a Boost to City Housing Programs

City officials are tapping American Rescue Plan Act dollars to expand affordable housing and reduce homelessness, challenges that predate Covid-19 but that were also heightened by it.

Libraries Hiring Social Workers as Mental Health Issues and Homelessness Soar

The placement of full-time licensed social workers in public libraries nationwide will become even more pronounced in the next few years, experts say.

The Rise of Tiny House Villages in the Fight Against Homelessness

More cities are turning to the small-sized structures as an alternative to group shelters. But critics have likened them to "sheds" that fall well short of permanent affordable housing.

In San Francisco, Hundreds of Homes for the Homeless Sit Vacant

In spite of a growing Department of Homelessness with an annual budget of $598 million, eligible people still wait months or even years after being approved for assisted housing. Meanwhile, hundreds of units remain unused.

Why Turning Motels Into Housing Could Outlast the Pandemic

States and localities looked to motels and hotels early in the Covid-era to house the homeless and people needing to quarantine. Now some of the programs show signs of becoming more permanent.

Mobile Apps Help Communities Produce More Accurate Homeless Counts

The Kansas City area and Houston are using mobile apps for their annual point-in-time homelessness counts and to manage the data.

The Big Obstacles Mayors Face Addressing America's Homelessness Crisis

Nearly three-quarters of mayors surveyed say they are held accountable by residents for local homelessness but only 20% say they have control of the crisis, a new report shows.

Report: Place Governance Must Evolve to Address Homeless Crisis

Local organizations need to create a more integrated and inclusive service system to meet the needs of unsheltered individuals, according to Brookings.

How Mayors Are Thinking About Prioritizing Federal Aid

Nearly 80% of mayors responding to a new survey said American Rescue Plan Act funding would help their cities accomplish goals related to homelessness and infrastructure, among other areas.

How Cities Are Addressing Mental Distress

Successful programs include partnerships between social workers and first responders, incorporate data and recognize larger social factors affecting health and well-being, like racism, experts say.

He Tore Down Motels Where Poor Residents Lived During a Housing Crisis. City Leaders Did Nothing.

Reno, Nevada, has one of the worst affordable housing shortages in the U.S. Yet city officials let an out-of-state casino owner displace hundreds of low-income residents so he could one day build an entertainment complex.

States With the Most and Least At-risk Youth

Louisiana ranks as the state with the most at-risk youth while Massachusetts ranks as the state with the least, according to a report.

Why Building More Homes Won’t Solve the Affordable Housing Problem for the Millions of People Who Need It Most

COMMENTARY | California and other states plan to build more homes in an effort to fix America’s affordable housing problem. But that’s not the main reason housing remains unaffordable for millions of people.

Homelessness, Homicides and Hospitality: One City’s Ongoing Reputation Problem

Portland, Oregon, once a popular travel destination for business travelers, foodies and nature lovers, is struggling to regain its tourism footing after months of social justice protests and record crime rates.

Local Taxpayers Are Footing the Bill for Climate Disasters

The costs for paying to fix or replace infrastructure and other assets more adversely impact low-income groups, according to a report.

Cities See Trash Cleanup Programs as a Way to Combat Homelessness

“At first, I said, ‘Picking up trash?’ I had to let my pride go—and I did.”

Treasury Outlines How it Will Claw Back Rental Aid From Slow Spenders

The department plans to redistribute the money to jurisdictions that are moving faster to get it to struggling renters and landlords.

How Lawyers Could Prevent America’s Eviction Crisis From Getting a Whole Lot Worse

Lawyers may be the only thing standing in the way of eviction for millions of renters.