New bill would convert unused government buildings into affordable housing

California Reps. Adam Schiff and Jimmy Gomez cosponsored legislation that would direct the Housing and Urban Development Secretary to help refashion certain federal, state and local government properties into affordable residential rental projects.

North Carolina tried to rebuild affordable housing after a hurricane. It took half a decade.

Documents show how federal paperwork delayed the state’s recovery from Hurricane Florence and left low-income renters in the lurch.

In Georgia, inadequate housing can mean significantly longer stays in foster care

Even after resolving other safety concerns, parents can wait for months to be reunited with their children, often because of what advocates say are stringent requirements sought by the state’s Division of Family and Children Services.

Some low-wage earners must choose between pay raises and government assistance

Lawmakers in North Carolina heard from experts about the “benefits cliff” and how other jurisdictions are developing strategies to lessen its impact on low-income families.

Senate at an ‘impasse’ over restoring child tax credit

Republicans in the chamber oppose the way the credit is calculated, making the passage of the tax package approved by the House in February uncertain.

Excessively high rents are a major burden for immigrants in US cities

COMMENTARY | Immigrants face especially heavy rent burdens, making it hard for them to afford education and job training, health care and other necessities that help them participate as productive residents.

How New Jersey’s new affordable housing law aims to ease the housing crisis

The new law lets municipalities know exactly how much affordable housing they have to build. It’s an approach that states are increasingly trying in an effort to pressure local governments to increase affordable options.

States turn to Medicaid to tackle housing insecurity

Section 1115 Medicaid waivers can help states reduce health inequities by covering housing costs and providing meal support for vulnerable populations.

Why is it so hard to build housing near transit stops?

Two recent studies look at the obstacles to building more apartments and other dense housing options near transit to address environmental, urban development and housing goals.

Housing gets big boost in Biden budget

The president is proposing funds to increase tax credits, support construction of affordable housing and reduce homelessness.

School districts offer affordable teacher housing as recruitment tool

With fewer people entering the education profession and leaving earlier, more districts may consider teacher housing to increase attractiveness as they compete for talent. 

Medicaid waivers help states pilot solutions to health, housing disparities

If approved, Nebraska’s Section 1115 Medicaid waiver would help finance two medical respite centers, or post-hospital recovery centers, for individuals experiencing homelessness.

House passes spending bills in bipartisan vote

The package of bills provides additional funding for WIC and rental assistance, but drastically cuts funds funds for the largest state and local housing grant program and transit.

Mayors, experts discuss the solution and barriers to ending homelessness

Amid a homelessness crisis nationwide, Houston and Los Angeles have housed thousands of people under a “housing first” approach.

WIC, rental assistance get funding boost in newly unveiled spending bills

But the bipartisan proposals for six bills would cut funding to housing and transit programs.

Biden administration announces new efforts to boost the nation’s housing supply

Federal officials will extend a program that has helped develop or rehabilitate nearly 12,000 affordable rental homes.

Dead smoke alarms, moldy rooms, empty first aid kits: Farmworkers endure unsafe and substandard housing across US

The federal government requires all states to inspect housing for temporary agriculture workers annually, but only some states inspect known migrant labor camps.

Want to reform housing? Take a look at parking.

When a single parking space adds tens of thousands of dollars to a residential development, those costs get passed on to residents.

Getting serious about housing in New York City

COMMENTARY | Mayor Eric Adams’ Zoning for Housing Opportunity plan would partly reverse effects of restrictive policies that limited development in the name of preserving neighborhood character.

Border deal dies in the U.S. Senate, despite pleas from mayors

State and local leaders called for Congress to pass the proposal, but Republican Senators acknowledged it did not have enough support after House Speaker Mike Johnson declared it “DEAD on arrival.”