Without enough housing vouchers, what can cities and states do?

Millions of renters use housing vouchers to help cover housing costs, but millions more are languishing on yearslong waitlists. Experts suggest exploring other subsidies, like tax credits for renters.

How the issue of housing and homelessness factored in state and local elections

It impacted mayoral races, and landed on the ballot as communities debated the merits of homeless encampment sweeps, tax hikes and affordable housing developments.

A dispute over Amtrak funding derailed a vote on THUD

The House GOP’s Transportation and Housing and Urban Development funding bill would cut $8 billion from the departments. But that’s not what scuttled the vote.

Statewide housing programs can be complex. A good website can help.

As Colorado embarks on an aggressive program to build affordable housing, the state is turning to a website to engage and involve residents as the projects unfold.

Western states look to these lands for new affordable housing

State-owned trust lands were created to support schools and other community benefits.

The Biden administration looks to spur office-to-housing conversions

The White House launched a multi-agency effort to encourage states and cities to convert more empty office buildings into housing units. It is putting billions of federal dollars behind the announcement.

Communities look to end prison-to-homelessness pipeline

Incarceration and homelessness are inextricably linked, each cycling into the other. As the housing crisis drags on, state and local governments are looking to prevent former inmates from becoming homeless in the first place.

County tests feasibility of 3D-printed affordable housing

Santa Barbara County is using a state grant to 3D-print an affordable home in what it hopes will be a demonstration project other communities can learn from.

How one city is streamlining housing construction

San Francisco is required by state law to build 82,000 housing units by 2031, but it won’t even come close if the city maintains its current pace. Mayor London Breed hopes that reducing fees and red tape will spur more development.

Environment, immigrant groups say state needs to prepare for likely climate migration

The development of affordable housing stock and denser, walkable communities could help states like Maine prepare for migrants looking to move to more climate resilient areas.

Why support for local public health leaders is higher than you think

COMMENTARY | Health departments fight for policies that make it easier for all people to live their healthiest lives: safe schools and communities, livable wages, affordable housing and healthy food.

By the numbers: How pandemic relief expanded affordable housing

The American Rescue Plan Act helped keep millions housed during the pandemic and created long-term affordable options. A new report digs into the numbers behind the initiatives.

How one city added hundreds of new homes amid an affordable housing crunch

In Missoula, Montana, the city and county government donated land to support the development of three new affordable apartment sites. About 1,000 people, including those who were previously homeless, have signed the interest list for units, one official says.

Why are Black homeownership rates still so low?

Local leaders are experimenting with creative financing, zoning changes and cooperative housing to reverse long standing housing discrimination.

Printing a place to live: In Central Texas, homes are being built with emerging 3D technology

3D homes can eventually help lessen the housing crisis, and do it in a climate-friendly way.

The threat of another government shutdown looms

National, state and local government associations have warned their members that “fractious issues” could derail any efforts to meet a November deadline, affecting key housing and transportation funding.

Graying prisons face accelerating health care needs

Rapidly growing numbers of older inmates with diabetes, dementia and liver disease are forcing states to reevaluate early release policies and the social safety nets that might prevent incarceration.

‘Disaster gentrification’ looms over Lahaina

The Hawaii city is recovering after a wildfire killed at least 115 people and destroyed more than 2,000 buildings. A top concern for officials is preventing local residents from being priced out.

Cities turn to GIS mapping to find housing for the homeless

As a nationwide housing shortage continues to push people into homelessness, cities like Denver and Los Angeles are turning to data to help locate public land to put housing on.

Why a government shutdown is complex for state and local governments

It will impact welfare, food stamps, housing and infrastructure, among other things. But planning for a shutdown is difficult for a myriad of reasons.