The Plan to Turn Blighted Houses into a New Source of Green Power for the Grid

A California nonprofit is retrofitting homes to make a "virtual power plant" — and fighting gentrification at the same time.

Feds Offer Greater Flexibility to Use ARPA Money for Housing

Counties welcomed the updated American Rescue Plan Act guidance. With rents and home prices high, the Biden administration is urging states and localities to put some of their federal pandemic aid towards housing programs.

HUD’s New Plan to Help Low-Income Renters

The department of Housing and Urban Development is looking to give households a boost building credit, saving money and improving financial literacy.

As Remote Work Sticks, Cities Seek New Ways to Lure People Downtown

The health of businesses, real estate and tax revenues is on the line. But some see an opportunity in reimagining city centers as places less dependent on office workers.

Debunking Stereotypes About Mobile Homes Could Make Them a New Face of Affordable Housing

COMMENTARY | Over 20 million Americans live in manufactured housing. Yet many people, including urban planners and affordable housing researchers, see mobile homes as problematic.

Minimum Wage Workers Cannot Afford a 2-bedroom Rental Home Anywhere

Plus, these workers can’t rent a one bedroom in 91% of U.S. counties, according to a new report.

States With the Greatest Housing Shortages

The U.S. is short 3.8 million units, with “underproduction” of new houses and rentals worsening in 47 states and Washington, D.C., according to a new report.

A Key US Energy Efficiency Program Has a Major Flaw. Pennsylvania Is Trying to Fix It

Homes are rejected for efficiency upgrades because they need repairs. Many owners can't afford them.

Localities Are Finding Creative Affordable Housing Solutions

There's an estimated shortage of 3.8 million housing units nationwide. Cities and towns are stepping up to help residents.

House Passes Spending Bill With $9B Increase for Local Housing Initiatives

But the proposal, which includes aid for low-income families, seniors, the disabled and the homeless, will likely be scaled back during budget negotiations in the months ahead with the Senate and White House.

The States That Saw a Rise in People Moving In (or Out) During the Pandemic

Overall state-to-state migration in the U.S. decreased after Covid hit. But new research shows the states that saw notable upticks with inbound and outbound movers.

Without Housing, Communities Struggle to Attract Summer Workers

National parks and other seasonal venues are raising salaries but that's not enough to fill all jobs available.

How Cities and Counties Are Thinking Big With Their ARPA Plans

Across the country, some local governments are using federal aid from the American Rescue Plan to launch "transformational" projects in areas like affordable housing, public safety and ridding homes of lead—things that will endure long after the money is spent.

Governments Begin Pushing Back on Investors Snatching Up Homes

Institutional investors purchased nearly 20% of all U.S. homes for sale in the last three months of 2021, turning most into rentals. Now, some state and local officials want to slow the trend, worried it is boxing residents out of homeownership.

Housing Slump Would Place Greatest Stress on Black, Hispanic Residents

Many homeowners have counted on fast-rising home values and growing home equity.

Pandemic’s Impacts on How People Live and Work May Change City Centers for Decades

Barbershops, restaurants and other businesses that have long concentrated in traditional business districts may need to follow workers to suburbs or smaller cities to survive, new research shows.

Why People Are Moving Away From Big Urban Counties

New research suggests that housing costs and remote work are fueling a lasting shift in where people are choosing to live.

The Best-Performing Cities in the US

The top large and small cities based on job, wage and high-tech growth are mainly in the western and southern regions, according to a recent report.

3 Reasons Why Expanding Access to Homeownership Alone Won’t Close the Racial Wealth Gap

COMMENTARY | This strategy has not lead to real progress in the last few decades. More structural changes are needed in many policy areas to increase wealth for Black and Brown Americans.

15 US Cities Have Housing Markets Overvalued by More Than 50%

Four of those markets are overvalued by more than 60%, with Boise, Idaho leading the pack at 73%, according to a recent report.