Dead smoke alarms, moldy rooms, empty first aid kits: Farmworkers endure unsafe and substandard housing across US

The federal government requires all states to inspect housing for temporary agriculture workers annually, but only some states inspect known migrant labor camps.

Want to reform housing? Take a look at parking.

When a single parking space adds tens of thousands of dollars to a residential development, those costs get passed on to residents.

Getting serious about housing in New York City

COMMENTARY | Mayor Eric Adams’ Zoning for Housing Opportunity plan would partly reverse effects of restrictive policies that limited development in the name of preserving neighborhood character.

Border deal dies in the U.S. Senate, despite pleas from mayors

State and local leaders called for Congress to pass the proposal, but Republican Senators acknowledged it did not have enough support after House Speaker Mike Johnson declared it “DEAD on arrival.”

What makes a top performing city?

The tech and hospitality industries drive sustainable economic performance, but broadband access, affordability and resilience also play key roles, according to the Milken Institute.

Senate proposal commits billions to cities for migrant crisis

The proposal would speed up the process of determining if a person qualifies for asylum in an effort to put an end to “migrants who can't work sleeping on the streets or crowding homeless shelters.”

Housing crisis comes to Capitol Hill

While lawmakers acknowledge the national shortage of affordable housing, experts testifying before a Senate panel disagree over how to solve it.

House passes bipartisan tax bill

The measure restores some of the popular expanded child tax credit, as well as a credit that helps states build affordable housing.

Why it’s tough to stamp out housing voucher discrimination

In many places, it's illegal for landlords to discriminate against tenants using Section 8 vouchers. Enforcing those rules is difficult, but governments are forging ahead.

Federal tax bill: What it could mean for affordable housing

COMMENTARY | Proposed federal tax incentives can make a huge difference in helping states like Oregon address the housing crisis.

Rent growth cools, but affordability is still out of reach

Even though rents aren’t rising as quickly as they were last year, they’re still too damn high for an increasing number of households.

How tech can democratize community engagement

In contentious city planning meetings, the louder voices in the room often control the narrative, but technology can reframe the conversation and streamline the engagement process.

Can cities clear homeless camps without offering an alternative?

The Supreme Court will hear a case on how far local governments can go to enforce bans on sleeping and camping in public spaces.

Child tax credit revived under proposal in Congress

Negotiators in the House and Senate reached a deal on a proposal to restore the popular credit, as well as one that helps build housing for low-income families.

It’s easy to lose sight of the root cause of the housing crisis

It’s not big investors, luxury developers or federal mortgage programs that are most responsible for driving up housing costs.

States increasingly join the land use reform rodeo

For a long time housing-related land use issues have been primarily dealt with at the local level, but that’s changing as a case in Montana shows.

Do land-use reforms spur housing development? You betcha.

After years of adjusting land-use regulations, Minneapolis boosted its housing stock by 12%, while rents grew at just 1%. Meanwhile, the rest of Minnesota increased its stock by 4% as rents rose 14%.

Teachers can’t afford housing, so school districts are building homes

When potential teachers are considering a position, they often want to know what’s available for affordable housing. “If I don’t have an answer for that, I lose that applicant,” one school district superintendent says.

State lawmakers seek to limit property tax increases as home values soar

Property taxes are rising along with real estate prices—particularly in the Mountain West.

On the Agenda 2024: State and local issues to watch

Here are the 10 biggest challenges government leaders will confront in the new year.