Governors Push Faster Construction to Meet Housing Needs

Officials from Oregon to New York are writing budgets that devote millions of dollars toward housing.

State & Local Roundup: Bank Collapses Add to Worries for State and Local Officials

Plus: Lawmakers want to tighten SNAP work requirements; Conservatives continue DEI assault; A potential labor strike in L.A.; and more news you can use from around the country.

Tackling Rural America’s ‘Hidden’ Housing Crisis

Over the past two years, the rate of homelessness and housing insecurity rose faster in rural places than the country at large, but community-based organizations are in a unique position to offer solutions.

Seattle Explores a Different Approach to Affordable Housing

Social housing typically centers on permanent affordability, tenant leadership and equity. It's an approach used by cities all over the world, and one some Seattle residents are hoping to see in their own community.

Biden Administration Unveils Plan to Boost Affordable Housing

Housing advocates have praised the president’s budget proposal, which would give housing programs a $1.1 billion bump.

Here’s What’s In Biden’s Budget Plan for State and Local Governments

The administration, among other things, wants to dramatically increase funding for housing and restore the child tax credit.

How Cities and Counties Are Spending Their ARPA Funds

While the largest share of the Covid stimulus money is going to government operations and housing, the remaining funds are being used to address a region’s biggest challenges.

This Microshelter Can be Built in Under an Hour

The popularity of tiny housing units for people experiencing homelessness increased during the pandemic but remains a relatively low-cost alternative to traditional shelters.

HUD Offers Cities Help to Add Housing Near Transportation Options

As part of the Thriving Communities effort, the federal agency will supply technical assistance to revive economically distressed areas.

One City’s Attempt to Bring Racial Equity to Home Repairs

Established in 2015, Detroit’s zero-interest home repair program has kept hundreds of Black homeowners in their homes.

Feds Award $315 Million in Grants for Homelessness Programs

Nearly four dozen communities across the country will share in the money.

Apartment Construction in US Rises to Levels Not Seen Since 1970s

But a new report also predicts a slowdown in the coming year. Meanwhile, single-family homebuilding remains sluggish.

How the Debt Ceiling Debate Puts State and Local Dollars at Risk

With a battle over federal spending brewing between Republicans and Democrats in Washington, counties and low-income housing advocates are warning of potentially damaging cuts.

Atlanta’s BeltLine Shows How Parks Can Drive ‘Green Gentrification’

COMMENTARY | Cities can avoid the problem if they think about affordable housing at the start of their projects.

Biden Administration Plans for Stronger Fair Housing Enforcement

A pending Department of Housing and Urban Development rule would set new requirements for state and local agencies and mark the reversal of a Trump-era policy.

The Governors Wading Deeper Into the Housing Crisis

Across the country, state leaders are putting the nation’s housing shortage at the center of their agendas this year. But it's still uncertain whether their proposals to solve the problem will gain traction and some question whether the plans go far enough.

Top State Democrats Outline Legislative Priorities

Where the party has majorities, they hope to focus on issues like housing, voting rights and criminal justice. In GOP-controlled states, they want to hold the line against Republican proposals on abortion, school vouchers and guns.

Housing Programs Nationwide See Big Infusion of Earmark Cash

The largest increase for housing and community development in the latest federal spending bill came from earmarks, where lawmakers direct funding to specific projects in their states.

The D.C. Mayor Wants ‘Decisive Action’ on the Federal Government’s Return to Office Plans

There has been movement to get some employees back in person and assess real estate needs, but the mayor would like more specifics.