Evictions in Some Texas Cities Are Almost Back To Normal Levels as Tenant Help Dries Up

Evictions in major Texas cities have reached levels not seen since the pandemic began. But tenant protections and financial assistance for struggling renters are beginning to fade.

He Tore Down Motels Where Poor Residents Lived During a Housing Crisis. City Leaders Did Nothing.

Reno, Nevada, has one of the worst affordable housing shortages in the U.S. Yet city officials let an out-of-state casino owner displace hundreds of low-income residents so he could one day build an entertainment complex.

Why Building More Homes Won’t Solve the Affordable Housing Problem for the Millions of People Who Need It Most

COMMENTARY | California and other states plan to build more homes in an effort to fix America’s affordable housing problem. But that’s not the main reason housing remains unaffordable for millions of people.

Illegal Evictions Rising, but Landlords Rarely Face Consequences

Some landlords are changing locks and shutting off utilities to get tenants out without going to court, tenant organizers say.

The Simplest Fix to America’s Rent Problem

COMMENTARY | The country’s voucher-focused help for American renters is mired in red tape, and many landlords opt out. Would cash work better?

Past Due: How to Fix the Broken Emergency Assistance Programs

COMMENTARY | The eviction cliff demonstrates that the United States needs to build stronger financial safety nets for the American people.

Treasury Outlines How it Will Claw Back Rental Aid From Slow Spenders

The department plans to redistribute the money to jurisdictions that are moving faster to get it to struggling renters and landlords.

Audit Warns State Could Lose Over $330M in Rental Aid

The way California defines whether or not emergency rental assistance has been “obligated” could put it at risk of forfeiting funds, a state watchdog says.

Biden Administration Asks Local Governments to Set Housing Goals

HUD's new ‘House America’ initiative aims to increase the number of affordable housing units and to reduce the number of unhoused people across the country.

Treasury Releasing $13B More in Rental Aid to Successful Programs

At least 50 state and local government grantees have met funding distribution benchmarks that would make them eligible for additional money.

Best and Worst Cities to Rent in America

Cedar Rapids, Iowa tops the list for most affordable rental housing while two cities in Florida and one in New Jersey tied for last place, according to a recent report.

Best and Worst Cities for Cat Lovers

Cities in warm climates are among the best for felines and their humans while really big cities are far less than "purr-fect" in this regard, according to a new ranking.

How Many At-Risk Renters Live in States Without Eviction Protections?

Researchers offer an estimate now that the Supreme Court has struck down a pandemic-era federal eviction ban.

All Eyes on State and Local Eviction Bans With End of Federal Moratorium

At least seven states and some cities have eviction bans in place but some expire soon.

Supreme Court Ruling Allows Evictions to Resume

The 6-3 ruling found that the CDC did not have the authority to impose an eviction ban that was set to last until October.

Only 11% in Rental Assistance Spent, Treasury Department Prepares to Reallocate Unspent Aid

State and local rental assistance programs have doled out little of the $46.5 billion in emergency rental assistance and jurisdictions that don’t disperse money soon could have to return it.

Federal Eviction Ban Could be Headed Back to Supreme Court

A federal appeals court has allowed the moratorium to stand. Realtors challenging it say they'll ask the high court to weigh in.

Local Judges Decide Fate of Many Renters Facing Eviction

“Your level of protection varies depending on your ZIP code.”

Best Cities for Remote Workers

A Utah city leads a list of best places for people who don't want to commute. All the top cities offer an abundance of urban amenities, scenic surroundings and affordable housing.

Evictions To Impact More Black, Latino Households

Renters tend to be minorities and have lower incomes, meaning these groups will most likely be disportionately affected by evictions when the national moratorium is lifted, the Pew Research Center says.