The Nation’s Vacant Homes Present an Opportunity — and a Problem

Americans who need housing often aren’t in the same places as the vacant houses.

A Plan to Use City Property for Affordable Housing

Boston is on track to open up dozens of parcels to developers early next year, while also offering residents direct aid to help with home-purchasing costs.

Housing Advocates Worry About Civil Rights Protections in Texas Disaster Standoff

The state is under scrutiny for how it distributed billions in U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development dollars to prevent future storm and flood damage. But whether the feds will take action to address discrimination concerns is an open question.

The US Cities With the Highest Rents

An East Coast metro scooted by San Francisco to become the second-most expensive for a one-bedroom apartment this month. As nationally, growth in rent prices showed signs of slowing.

Building Subsidized Low-income Housing Actually Lifts Property Values in a Neighborhood, Contradicting NIMBY Concerns

COMMENTARY | The concentration of subsidized low-income housing developments isn’t as bad as residents fear: It actually increases property values – at a faster rate than other neighborhoods.

Housing Program Shows Signs of Helping Homeless While Reducing Arrests

A new study finds an initiative in Denver has the potential to break a cycle of police spending hundreds of hours arresting people repeatedly for minor infractions.

Low-Income Renters to Receive Hundreds in Extra Aid Each Month

The added federal assistance is the result of changes in how the Department of Housing and Urban Development calculates rental costs. Its new approach factors in data from companies like Zillow.

Rent Going Up? One Company’s Algorithm Could Be Why

Texas-based RealPage’s YieldStar software helps landlords set prices for apartments across the U.S. With rents soaring, critics are concerned that the company’s proprietary algorithm is hurting competition.

What the Housing Market Slowdown Will Mean for Property Taxes

Red hot home sales during the pandemic have cooled and that could have consequences for one of the main revenues local governments rely on. But the outlook varies place to place.

New Help Available for Underserved Places Applying for Federal Grants

The Thriving Communities Program aims to offer assistance to localities that might struggle to compete for funding in areas like housing and transportation.

3D-Printed Homes Save Time, Money, State Pilot Shows

A potential solution to Virginia’s housing shortage comes from the nozzle of a 3D printer.

Rethinking How to Solve the Nation’s Housing Shortage

Industry experts are floating ideas they say could help, many of which would involve state and local policy-makers taking action.

Audit Reveals Why One City’s Efforts to Curb Homelessness Fall Short

Oakland, California, doesn’t have the data to tell if it’s making any progress on reducing homelessness, a new audit shows.

When a Low-Income Neighborhood Rebound Doesn't Displace Residents

Often when poverty rates drop, it means existing members of a community are pushed out. New research looks at unique factors in places where this wasn’t the case.

A Land Deal Benefiting a Billionaire’s Soccer Team Is Muscled Through Despite Objections

A zoning committee initially rejected the mayor’s plan to lease public housing property to the Chicago Fire. Less than 24 hours later, a new vote reversed a rare mayoral defeat.

A Plan to Connect Public Housing Residents to Free Broadband

New York City's “Big Apple Connect” calls for more than 200 developments owned by the city’s housing authority to connect 300,000 residents to high-speed internet by the end of 2023.

4 Communities Selected for $180M Housing Program

The Department of Housing and Urban Development says the grants will help to fund over 2,000 units of new housing.

New Analysis Looks at Which Housing Markets Could be Headed for Trouble

These vulnerable areas are concentrated in four states, according to the findings.

New Analysis Looks at Where People Pay the Most in Property Taxes

The report breaks down county level payments and offers a state-to-state comparison that takes into account property values and differences in how the taxes are assessed.

The Housing Market is Cooling Off

With interest rates rising, a new report shows sales down year over year and more homes selling for below asking prices.