One-Month Eviction Moratorium, $25 Billion in Rental Aid in Covid Bill

Housing advocates applauded the inclusion of the emergency rental assistance and eviction moratorium extension in the federal relief package, but said the incoming Biden administration will have to do more.

The High Cost of a Looming Eviction Wave

With millions of people behind on rent, there could be a lot of evictions this winter. A new report suggests the cost of these evictions on the social safety net could be astronomical.

Geolocation Data Could Help Planners Design Communities that Require Less Driving

“By actually knowing where people are going, we can start to rethink how we plan for investments of all kinds and other policies,” says one of the authors of a new study.

Overdue Rent is Piling Up and Could Total $34 Billion by January, Estimates Show

The National Council of State Housing Agencies says more federal aid will be needed to prevent evictions.

When It Comes to Our Current Housing Crisis, Cities Can’t Wait for the Federal Government to Help

COMMENTARY | State and local leaders have options to alleviate housing insecurity amid the pandemic.

A Data Tool That Could Help to Target Rental Assistance Programs

A federal order blocking evictions leaves questions about how people will pay back rent when it finally comes due. Rental assistance programs have limited dollars.

New Federal Eviction Moratorium Covers Most Renters Through the End of the Year

But advocates for both renters and landlords say they want to see more financial assistance as the coronavirus-fueled recession continues.

What Happens Next With Affordable Housing?

COMMENTARY | States and local governments already haven’t been investing enough to help build housing that poor families, and sometimes even middle-class people, can afford. And now funding could be yet another victim of the coronavirus.

Higher Rents Associated with Increase in Homelessness, Federal Watchdog Finds

The Government Accountability Office report comes amid concerns about evictions, as the coronavirus outbreak takes a financial toll on many Americans.

Home Sale Data Raises Doubts Virus is Driving Wide Exodus From Cities

But there are some pockets of the U.S. where urban housing markets appear to be softer than the suburbs.

The Need to Keep Renters Housed Is Getting More Urgent, Advocates Say

As evictions rise, experts are raising concerns about homelessness, the further spread of the coronavirus, Census turnout, and the upcoming election.

Urban Planning as a Tool of White Supremacy—The Other Lesson from Minneapolis

COMMENTARY | Segregation was baked into Minneapolis' urban planning. But the city is hardly alone.

As Bans Expire, Eviction Filings Rise

New research sheds light on the trend. Experts have warned that renters are headed towards an “eviction cliff” as the coronavirus crisis wears on and safety net measures end.

Millions Could Be Evicted As Moratoriums End, Experts Say

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Portland, Oregon officials decry federal law enforcement response to protest … Connecticut mayor sues airline over bite by purported emotional support dog … Hawaii could delay tourism opening.

3% of Americans Moved Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

A survey by the Pew Research Center found that Americans were most likely to have moved either to reduce their risk of infection or because their college campus closed.

A New Look at Where Gentrification Is Happening

Cities in California dominated a gentrification ranking, but several smaller metropolitan areas also appeared.

One of America’s Wealthiest States Might Pass Up an Opportunity to Tackle Housing Segregation

Connecticut is one of the most segregated places in the country. Despite widespread protests over racial inequities, Gov. Ned Lamont and other leaders are resisting calls to address the state’s affordable housing crisis.

To Avoid Integration, Americans Built Barricades in Urban Space

COMMENTARY | Urban inequality didn’t happen by accident.

Nearly Half of U.S. Households Lost Some Income During Pandemic

The findings released by the Census Bureau come at a time Republicans and Democrats in Congress are at odds over an extension of expanded federal unemployment benefits.

Texas Allows Evictions to Proceed Again

The state, which like others is experiencing historic levels of unemployment, is one of the earliest to restart eviction proceedings.