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IRS announces 13 states where taxpayers could use its Direct File pilot

Under the pilot program, residents would be able to use the IRS program to file their federal tax returns online for the 2024 tax season. New York and Arizona are developing state-level filing systems.

Hawaii’s wildfires led to fast tracking federal identity tools for unemployment claims

Unemployment is on the rise in Maui due in part to the drastic drop in tourism after the devastating wildfires. But the state's rapid deployment of an underutilized federal identity verification tool will help it get benefits to the people who really need it.

How government can build secure and frictionless digital identity programs

States that lost millions to fraud during the pandemic have plenty of ways to tighten their ID management programs, a new playbook suggests.

Better ID management could help DMVs become ‘departments of citizen engagement’

Modernizing legacy technology, embracing self service and easing cross-agency authentication can help departments of motor vehicles provide better and more efficient customer experience.

People can only tell if AI wrote something 50% of the time

With the amount of deceptive AI-generated content on the rise, researchers are concerned that humans’ trust in each other may decline.

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Lessons from the metaverse

Even if early supporters are backing away from the immersive platform, states should keep thinking about new ways to provide services.

Work with what you’ve got: Accelerating zero trust deployments

COMMENTARY | Because zero trust is founded on cybersecurity tenets like segmentation and identity management, state and local governments can adopt the strategy quickly and effectively.