Spending package cuts grants to cities to help with influx of migrants

The six spending bills also fail to fund internet subsidies and security for places of worship.

Border deal dies in the U.S. Senate, despite pleas from mayors

State and local leaders called for Congress to pass the proposal, but Republican Senators acknowledged it did not have enough support after House Speaker Mike Johnson declared it “DEAD on arrival.”

Senate proposal commits billions to cities for migrant crisis

The proposal would speed up the process of determining if a person qualifies for asylum in an effort to put an end to “migrants who can't work sleeping on the streets or crowding homeless shelters.”

Mayors, feds bemoan immigration ‘paralysis’

City leaders overwhelmed by the influx of migrants joined federal officials in strongly urging Congress to address the crisis at the southern border.

Some cities see migrants as a ‘lifeline.’ Policy could follow, experts say.

Feds should help new arrivals settle in the places that would welcome them, a new report says.

Connect with state & local government leaders

Mayors push for Congress to address the migrant crisis

But could the partisan debate over the border derail funding to cities and efforts to avert a government shutdown?

Migrant fight expands to suburbs, could force federal shutdown

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s actions are drawing more state and local leaders into debates over caring for migrants, while House Republicans target the Biden administration on border security. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

States and localities in 2023: A look at the top stories of the year

The first half of the year was marked by the end of pandemic-era benefits. The second half was dominated by the shutdown. All the while, leaders were preoccupied with infrastructure, technology and flags.

In new year, all immigrants in California may qualify for Medicaid regardless of legal status

New enrollees will join more than 655,000 children, young adults through age 25, and adults 50 or over who have already signed up for Medi-Cal through previous expansions to residents lacking legal authorization.

Governors press Biden to help with migrant surge

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker is the latest state leader to outline changes in federal policy the Biden administration could make to alleviate some of the strain on states and cities.

As cities struggle to shelter migrants, calls for federal action grow

State and local leaders have resorted to desperate measures—sometimes circumventing the federal government—to find housing and support for the influx of asylum seekers. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

Why some Wisconsin lawmakers and local officials have changed their minds about letting undocumented immigrants drive

“If we suddenly kicked out all of the people here, the undocumented, our dairy farms would collapse,” one lawmaker said. “We have to come up with a solution.”

New Florida Law Invalidates Out-of-State Licenses for 'Undocumented Immigrants’

It is not clear how the state will roll out the requirement, or which out-of-state licenses it will declare invalid.

GOP Governors Respond to Texas' Call for Troops at Border

Four more governors have joined a growing list of Republican-led states sending personnel to the U.S.-Mexico border. But is it effective? Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

As Title 42 Comes to an End, El Paso Declares State of Emergency

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser said asylum-seekers are camping out on the sidewalks and staying at shelters in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, under the false notion that they will be allowed to enter the U.S. once Title 42 expires.

Texas Governor Hires 'Border Czar' to Accelerate Wall Construction

Mike Banks, a recently retired Border Patrol agent, will work with the Texas National Guard and state troopers to find ways to deter people from crossing the border illegally.

What the Mayors Discussed When They Met With Biden

Immigration and how cities are spending federal funding were among the topics that came up during the White House meeting.

'We Need a Plan': Mayors Want Biden to Take Action On Migrant Crisis

Democratic and Republican mayors are pushing for major reforms. New York City Mayor Eric Adams spoke to Route Fifty about his efforts to coordinate with other city leaders on the issue.

Overwhelmed With Migrant Arrivals, NYC has Planned Tent Shelter to be Built in a Bronx Flood Zone

Road leading to the isolated Orchard Beach parking lot has been dubbed by locals “Lake Orchard.”

GOP Governors Bus Migrants to Blue Cities, but Many Exit in Red States

Many migrants sent to Washington, D.C., and New York are disembarking before they arrive.