Income Inequality

Three Myths of the Great Resignation

COMMENTARY | What if I told you the Big Quit wasn’t really about “quitting”?

5 Strategies to Help Residents Without Bank Accounts Get Rental Assistance

Unbanked tenants have a harder time applying for emergency rental assistance, along with difficulty accessing assistance if they do receive funds, according to a report.

OSHA to States: Protect Workers from Covid-19 or Forfeit Authority

The federal government put states on notice ahead of the vaccine mandate, saying it will take any defiance seriously.

A Breakdown of the Black-White Homeownership Inequality Gap

Homeownership is less achievable for Black Americans and they live in neighborhoods with houses valued at $48,000 less than white families’ homes, a new report reveals.

September Saw One of the Biggest Drops in Women’s Jobs Since Pandemic Began

More than 300,000 women left the labor force last month, the second time in the pandemic that the start of a new school year and loss of child care has caused a major drop-off of women from the workforce.

The States With the Weakest and Strongest Social Safety Nets

New research allows for easy comparisons of how states stack up based on a variety of social welfare and pro-labor policies, and also offers a look at economic outcomes in each place.

Data Show Rise in Households Struggling to Afford Food For Kids

But the new federal statistics also reveal food insecurity among children in 2020 didn't reach levels seen during the last recession.

Pandemic Hardship is About to Get a Lot Worse for Millions of Out-of-Work Americans

COMMENTARY | The door to unemployment benefits is closing for many people.

Is This the End of Welfare as We Know It?

The overnight success of the new child tax credit has experts and parents taking a hard look at traditional welfare.

40M Americans to Get Major Boost in Food Assistance Benefits

Aid provided through the nation’s largest food assistance program will increase by upwards of 25% beginning in October, the Biden administration announced.

Cash for Kids Comes to the United States

The new child tax credit will radically reduce poverty, but millions of the poorest children might miss out.

Wide Digital Divide Persists Between Low- and High-income Households

A Pew Research Center survey shows that people making less than $30,000 have few digital devices and lack internet access, in sharp contrast to nearly all of those making $100,000 or more.

Report: Grocery Taxes Impede Food Security for Low-income Americans

About two-thirds of all U.S. counties tax grocery foods, which creates “serious burdens” for the families living at or below the poverty line, according to a Cornell University study.

Bidenomics Really Is Something New

COMMENTARY | The president is willing to take on political fights that Obama and Clinton considered unwise, if not unwinnable. Will that strategy pay off?

One State’s Plan to Ease the ‘Invisible’ Diaper Gap for Families

A third of families nationwide experience diaper need, regardless of age, race or income, data shows. Washington state will allocate funding for diaper banks in its latest budget to help close that gap.

How the Federal Reserve is Increasing Wealth Inequality

The Fed’s low-interest-rate policies have stabilized the economy and turbocharged the stock market. But those who don’t own lots of stocks haven’t benefited anywhere near as much as those who do.

Why are so Many Workers Moving Across State Lines?

In a report, researchers say people want to live in less populated areas with lower housing costs, potentially spreading higher-income families across the U.S.

How to Improve Public Health, the Environment and Racial Equity All at Once: Upgrade Low-income Housing

COMMENTARY | Retrofitting low-income housing is a way to tackle some of the nation's pressing health, social and environmental challenges.

Why Cash Payments Aren’t Always the Best Tool to Help Poor People

COMMENTARY | There seem to be a growing consensus that cash is the best option in the fight against poverty. But is it?