Income Inequality

Poverty Grows Despite Economic Recovery

Some jobless workers have been excluded from unemployment benefits.

The Pandemic Has Been Extra Hard on Single Mothers

Single mothers have scrambled during the pandemic to secure child care. What will the federal government do to help in 2021?

The Debate Around Whether College Athletes Should Be Paid is Heating Up

Michigan’s state legislature this week became the sixth state to pass a bill that would open the door for college athletes to get paid for endorsements.

Three Alternatives to the Usual Strategies for Collecting Fines and Fees

A report from the Fines and Fees Justice Center lays out alternatives for cities looking to make collection practices more equitable and efficient.

Women Gained Back Jobs in October, But Slowly

The unemployment rate for women fell to 6.5 percent, but it remains in high single digits for Black and Latina women.

Most Home Health Aides ‘Can’t Afford Not to Work’—Even When Lacking PPE

Union officials say that workers who've complained about not having adequate protective equipment on the job have experienced retaliation from employers.

Momentum for Basic Income Builds as Pandemic Drags On

Advocates see an opportunity to transform the safety net.

Poll: Over Half of Households in America's Biggest Cities Dealing With Financial Difficulties

Budget problems, which have coincided with the coronavirus pandemic, are especially acute for Black and Latino residents.

Affluence Killed New York, Not the Pandemic

COMMENTARY | The city is in the midst of a reckoning—not simply because of the coronavirus, but because of what it had already become.

In New Jersey, a Proposal for $1,000 ‘Baby Bonds’

Gov. Phil Murphy, who proposed the program on Tuesday, said it would be the first statewide initiative of its kind. But the added spending would come at a time when the state’s budget is strained.

Black Workers Are More Likely to Be Unemployed but Less Likely to Get Unemployment Benefits

More people than ever became eligible for unemployment benefits after Congress included part-time and gig workers, but the data shows that hasn’t solved a huge racial disparity. Here’s why.

The Pandemic Recession Is Approaching a Dire Turning Point

Without an extra $600 a week in unemployment assistance, many Americans are on the brink of not being able to pay rent or put food on the table.

One County Offers Universal Basic Income to Former Foster Youth

Santa Clara County in California launched the nation’s first UBI program specifically aimed at giving a boost to young adults who are transitioning out of foster care.

Food Stamp Use Could Skyrocket With Loss of Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

Even with the expanded benefits for out-of-work people, millions of families had to sign up for food stamps during the early months of the pandemic. Now even more people are expected to need the assistance.

As Moratoriums End and Bills Come Due, Cities Offer Utility Relief

Many residents are struggling to pay utility bills during the pandemic, dealing with escalating balances. But local relief programs aren't designed to help everybody.

Covid-19 Exposes Why the Postal Service Needs to Get Back Into the Banking Business

COMMENTARY | People lacking access to banks has been a major problem in the coronavirus response. Now is the time to again start exploring banking services provided by the Postal Service.

Group of Mayors Pledge to Push for Universal Basic Income Programs

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Virginia governor extends emergency declaration in Richmond ... Arizona town continues on with the Fourth of July ... Texas bar owners file lawsuit.

Coronavirus Relief Helping to Keep Down Poverty Rate—For Now, Research Finds

A new report says the CARES Act has offered an important boost to low-income families. But aid will dry up as the year goes on.

Black Americans, Crucial Workers in Crises, Emerge Worse Off—Not Better

COMMENTARY | Government responses to economic crises have historically set Black Americans back relative to whites.