The Millennials Who Are Showing More Interest in Renting Than Homeownership

In a number of states there's been a rise in “lifestyle” renters with $50,000-plus incomes seeking high-end apartments.

Republicans in State Legislatures Look to Toughen Rioting Penalties

Indiana is one of nearly two dozen states where proposals along these lines have emerged in the wake of last year's protests over racial justice and police misconduct. Critics are raising constitutional rights concerns.

They’ve Built It, but Will People Come to the Midwest?

COMMENTARY | Several Midwest cities like Indianapolis are experiencing an economic renaissance. Yet, the region’s inability to attract people threatens long-term prospects.

FCC Prepares to Push Forward With Streamlining 5G Deployment

“My guess is they just ran out of time and patience for the process to play out,” said one local government advocate.

Verizon Names Indianapolis Its Final 5G Pilot City

Mayor Joe Hogsett welcomed the increased connectivity for residents, but just where it will occur hasn’t been made public.

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Turning Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Into an Inclusive One

“When you make the case properly, people are willing to pay into the system that reflects them.”

A Republican Mayor’s Efforts to Tame Suburban Sprawl in His Community

Carmel, Indiana, Mayor Jim Brainard, who has built a lot of traffic roundabouts, has reservations about the Trump administration’s infrastructure proposal.

Redefining the First Responder: Reducing Readmission with Proactive Paramedicine

In a guest article, the fire and emergency services chief in Fishers, Ind., discusses how his department is “at the crossroads of public safety, public health and public service.”

5 Cities Take Smart City Planning to the Next Level

From engaging underserved populations to preparing for climate change’s most devastating effects, these cities have their work cut out for them.

London Mayor Invited to Speak at U.S. Mayors’ Annual Meeting

Sadiq Khan will likely have something to say about the Islamophobia and the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign if he accepts.

Nation’s Roundabout Capital May Get Even More Traffic Circles

Check out how this Indiana city leads the nation in non-signaled intersections.

Was Streamlining Indianapolis’ Parking System Worth It?

A public-private partnership has increased annual parking revenues from about $339,000 to more than $3.3 million, but it's sparked controversy, too.