FEMA Wants to End Flood Insurance for the Nation’s Riskiest Properties

Democrats and counties oppose the idea. Properties that have been flood-damaged multiple times account for nearly half the program’s payouts over the years.

Safety Group Offers Warnings on Emerging Transportation Tech

They’re urging state and local government leaders to prepare for new types of vehicles and to look beyond industry hype as they design policies to reduce crashes.

Feds Launch $1B Initiative to Rework Infrastructure That Cut Apart Cities

The Biden administration says places that prioritize community outreach as they design project proposals will have an advantage over others.

Taking the Friction Out of Regional Transit Payments

With an upgraded app, Cleveland-area riders can buy fares for 14 transit agencies across the region.

Republicans Look to Reverse Biden’s Infrastructure Permitting Changes

They’re raising concerns that reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act will slow down projects, now that the Biden administration has scrapped a Trump-era rules rewrite.

Instead of Relief at the Pump, California Moves to Put Cash in Pockets

State leaders are opting for direct payments up to $1,050, rather than a gas tax suspension as they look to provide residents a break from skyrocketing prices.

What Flooding Costs These US Cities

Urban areas will see an increase in three types of flooding by 2050, which will force local governments to spend much more on climate disasters, according to a recent report. 

Infrastructure Tops Mayors’ Concerns for 2nd Year

The National League of Cities’ analysis of local leaders’ speeches finds renewed interest in maintenance and construction projects, and worries about how they will handle billions in new federal dollars.

State Broadband Map Delivers Granular Connectivity Data

Officials in New York can now use address-level data to better identify homes and businesses lacking access to affordable broadband.

The States Shifting Road Safety Dollars Away From Safety Programs

Some in Congress are asking why states are redirecting the federal money at a time when crashes and highway deaths are on the rise.

Why It's So Hard to Convince the Public on Transportation Projects

Drivers and engineers often hold very different attitudes on transportation that directly contradict those of transportation planners, new research shows.

States Where Gas Prices Are Over $5 Per Gallon

California is the only state where average gasoline prices are more than $6 per gallon, and there are five states where the average price is around $4.50, the lowest in the U.S.

4 Strategies to Create Good Jobs, Boost Equity With Federal Infrastructure Funds

COMMENTARY | The Biden administration is judging applicants for new infrastructure grants based on their ability to do these two things. Here are four proven models to increase your community’s shot at winning funding.

School Districts to Receive $500M in Federal Funds to Buy Electric Buses

The Biden administration recently announced the new funding for this year, in addition to $5 billion in infrastructure act funds, for school districts to replace polluting diesel buses. But making the switch to electric will be challenging for some communities.

How One State is Helping its Cities Find Their Toxic Lead Pipes

Ohio is investing in technology for mapping lead water pipes in communities statewide as part of an initiative to locate, remove and replace them.

Are States and Localities Wasting Their ARPA Funds? Some in Congress Want to Know

The Treasury Department is not monitoring if governments are using the recovery money properly, Republican senators charge. They are asking the Government Accounting Office to investigate.

Work Zones Cause Crashes—but Only Sometimes

Researchers found that there are more vehicle accidents in work zones on busy roads, among other things.

Cyber Risks Found in Flood Management System in Southeastern States

A federal utility operating in seven states failed to implement proper cybersecurity standards for a control assisting with dam and river management, according to an oversight report.

What's the Best Place For an Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

With the help of a computational model, experts can strategically place EV charging facilities without putting undue pressure on local power grids.

Millions Still Lack Broadband Despite 5-year $44B Government Effort

Watchdog recommends synchronizing the federal government's fragmented push by 15 agencies administering 100 programs.