Interior Department Unveils Plans for More Offshore Wind Leases

Proposed sites are in waters off eastern and western states. The projects could be an economic boon to coastal communities.

5 Midwest States Form Electric Vehicle Pact

They plan to work together building out charging infrastructure and on other issues. The agreement comes after Ford unveiled plans for big electric vehicle investments in another region.

Transit Agencies Lease Real Estate to Generate Much-Needed Cash

They must replace revenue from riders, who have been slow to return.

House Delays Infrastructure Vote as Democrats Struggle to Reach Deal

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted a vote on the infrastructure bill Thursday but without agreement on a broader social spending package, dozens of members of the Democratic party said they wouldn’t back the public works measure.

Congress Weighs Cyberattack Reporting Legislation

Proposals under consideration would require the owners and operators of critical infrastructure, potentially including state and local governments, to report cybersecurity incidents to a federal agency.

Trillions in Infrastructure Spending Could Mean Hundreds of Billions in Fraud

COMMENTARY | Congress is inching closer to passing as much as $4.5 trillion in new infrastructure and social spending, which would be an attractive target for fraudsters.

House to Vote This Week on Infrastructure Bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the bill, which will send billions to states and localities, will go to the floor Thursday even as negotiations over a larger social spending package continue.

A State’s Plan for the Nation’s First Section of Wireless Charging Road

Michigan hopes to test out a short segment of roadway that will allow electric cars to recharge as they drive, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said.

Top Democrats Announce Deal on Raising Revenue for $3.5T Package

The announcement comes as President Biden is trying to shore up support within his party for sweeping domestic legislation that would direct funding towards areas like education, health care and climate initiatives.

Nearly One-Third of Infrastructure Jobs are Tough to Fill, Research Finds

Job opportunities are likely to boom if Congress approves a pending infrastructure bill, but a National League of Cities report says the current workforce may not be able to meet the demand.

Biden Administration Asks Local Governments to Set Housing Goals

HUD's new ‘House America’ initiative aims to increase the number of affordable housing units and to reduce the number of unhoused people across the country.

States Use Hurricane Ida Damage to Push Infrastructure Bill

Governors of both parties are lobbying Congress to ensure resilience measures are included.

Public Works Agencies Hit by Rising Prices and Supply Delays

That’s on top of longer standing troubles filling jobs. The trio of challenges is stacking up at a pivotal moment for infrastructure spending in the U.S.

Infrastructure, Budget Bills Estimated to Support 4M Jobs

The budget bill would add 1.1 million jobs related to caregiving alone, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

A Pivotal Moment for States and Localities Electrifying Their Fleets

Technology breakthroughs, federal funding and grants are reducing barriers to going electric with government-owned vehicles.

There’s One Surefire Way to End Big Sewage Spills: End Big Sewage

COMMENTARY | To ‘futureproof’ wastewater treatment against the rising threats of climate change, sewage should go local.

Removing Urban Highways Can Improve Neighborhoods Blighted by Decades of Racist Policies

COMMENTARY | At least 28 cities have begun or are planning to partly or fully remove highways that have isolated Black neighborhoods.

Deadly Auto Crashes Up, Despite Less Driving

New federal statistics show that a troubling trend with a rise in fatalities on the nation's roadways continued into this year.

Want More Affordable Housing? Try Building Narrower Streets

New research highlights how city streets that are too wide can take up valuable space that could be used to build more homes.

Transit Leaders See New Federal Money as a Bridge, Not the End of the Line

Bus, subway and local rail systems nearly shut down when the pandemic first struck. Now they’re trying to find a new way forward.