Senate Lawmakers Reach Agreement on Infrastructure Package

The proposal has cleared a key procedural vote, which will allow it to advance.

Infrastructure Proposal Faces Key Vote Wednesday

Sen. Chuck Schumer scheduled a procedural vote on the bipartisan infrastructure framework even as lawmakers scurry to finish a draft of the legislation.

Financing Plan for Infrastructure Agreement Called into Question

Finance experts say the plan to pay for the infrastructure proposal, in part by clawing back unspent Covid relief funds, is unlikely to cover the full cost.

For-profit Water Infrastructure Should Not Get Taxpayer Subsidies

COMMENTARY | Most federal infrastructure proposals allow subsidies to flow to private water corporations. This amounts to a misuse of public funds.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan, Supported by State and Local Governments, Back on Track

President’s Biden walked back comments that he would not sign an infrastructure bill without a second Democrat-backed proposal. That irked Republicans who threatened to derail the agreement.

In One City, Residents Found a New Use For Scooters: Penis Graffiti

The vulgar drawings, made by tire skid marks, began appearing in Topeka, Kansas, shortly after the city partnered with Bird scooters on a pilot program.

Biden: 'We Have a Deal' on $1.2T Infrastructure Plan

A bipartisan group of senators emerged from a meeting at the White House Thursday to announce they had secured an agreement to invest $1.2 trillion in the nation’s infrastructure over eight years.

Bipartisan Group of Senators to Meet with Biden on ‘Breakthrough’ Infrastructure Agreement

Lawmakers announced Wednesday night they had reached an agreement on the framework of an infrastructure plan and will present the proposal to President Biden on Thursday.

Lighter Pavement Really Does Cool Cities When It’s Done Right

COMMENTARY| Reflective surfaces have to be used strategically—the wrong placement can actually heat up nearby buildings.

‘Managed Retreat’ Can Reinvent Cities While Protecting Lives When Climate Change Floods, Burns or Bakes the Land

COMMENTARY | Low-lying communities near rivers and bays face increasing risk of flooding.

Across the US, City Buildings Begin to Reopen

Some are opening their doors fully, others are beginning with appointment hours. Multiple weddings took place at San Francisco's city hall last week.

A $26 Billion Plan to Save the Houston Area From Rising Seas

Lawmakers are poised to decide the fate of a massive project to protect the coast around Houston from rising sea levels.

What Over 400 Local Leaders Want to See in an Infrastructure Deal

A new survey of mayors and other local elected officials reveals nearly universal support for certain types of investments. Others, including some Biden administration priorities, aren't as popular.

The Benefits and Challenges of Electric Car Policy

At an annual summit of transportation policymakers, local and state leaders discussed the future of transitioning from gasoline-fueled vehicles to electric-powered ones.

Restoring Land Around Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells Would Free Up Millions of Acres of Forests, Farmlands and Grasslands

COMMENTARY | Abandoned US oil and gas wells and their associated land cover more than 2 million acres, a recent study estimates – an area larger than Delaware and Rhode Island.

Infrastructure Talks Between GOP Senators and White House are Dead

The Biden administration will now turn to working with a different bipartisan group to try to come up with a package.

What Is Pete Buttigieg Doing?

The secretary of transportation is on the road, talking infrastructure with anyone who will listen.

House Democrats Introduce $547B Highway, Transit Bill Amid Infrastructure Talks

Democrats’ proposal comes as President Biden continues to discuss infrastructure needs with Republican lawmakers.

Crumbling Water Facilities Need Central Role in Infrastructure Proposals

COMMENTARY | America’s network of drinking water plants, wastewater treatment facilities and subterranean pipes is in dire need of fixing. It has been deteriorating for years, jeopardizing the health of millions.

US Libraries Need $32B for Construction and Renovations, Estimates Show

The American Libraries Association says the average public library building is more than 40 years old and hundreds of buildings are more than 100 years old.