Are We Building Cyber Vulnerability into EV Charging Infrastructure?

Amid a nationwide push to electrify transportation, observers said that cybersecurity doesn’t get appropriate attention.

New National Broadband Map Offers Granular Look at Service and Gaps

The draft release kicks off a process where states, localities and the general public can challenge inaccuracies. The new data will be crucial in guiding how the federal government divides billions in broadband funding between states.

The House Republican Plan to Slash One of Democrats’ Signature Laws

Lawmakers set to lead key committees when the GOP takes control of the chamber say they are looking at ways to drain funding from climate initiatives and other Inflation Reduction Act programs.

The Infrastructure Law, One Year In

Local officials are still expressing appreciation for all the extra federal funding. But some, along with Republican lawmakers, are seeking tweaks on permitting and in other areas to make accessing and spending the money easier.

4 Considerations for Building Out Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

COMMENTARY | Policymakers and businesses will need to make important choices about chargers as more EVs hit the road. Here are some key things to keep in mind.

New US Industrial Policy Creates Incentives for High-quality Jobs

COMMENTARY | The last few years have been big for federal industrial policy, funneling billions into industries that have historically been union-friendly and well paying. Here's how those laws can change the labor market for the better.

Michigan Test Drives Country’s First Mobility Officer

Trevor Pawl hopes transformations in the automotive industry will also help state government replace “Depression Era departmental structures” with more nimble organizations.

States Steer More Money Toward Rural Roads

A federal infusion of grant money is paying for repaving and other safety improvements.

Beyond Passenger Cars and Pickups: 5 Questions Answered About Electrifying Trucks

As California goes on regulating air pollution, other states often follow – including the Golden State’s ambitious goals for cleaning up emissions from trucking.

A City Asks Residents to Vote on Which Infrastructure Projects to Fund

Denver is turning to “participatory budgeting” to decide how it will use a small slice of its budget for public works projects.

What Closing Streets to Cars Meant for Restaurants in New York City

The city shut some streets to vehicle traffic during the pandemic. New research looks at how bars and eateries in these areas performed compared to pre-Covid years.

Why Many Fire Departments Aren’t Ready for Electric Vehicles

When EV batteries go up in flames, they present different challenges than car fires involving gasoline. Route Fifty spoke with an expert about the new risks and how firefighters can prepare.

What to Know About the $350M in New Funding for Wildlife Crossings

The money to cut down on highway collisions between vehicles and animals was included in the infrastructure law. The application process for it should open early next year.

Construction Underway on 10,000-mile Open Access Broadband Network in California

The “middle mile” network is expected to cost $3.8 billion and help connect the roughly one in five state residents who do not have access to reliable and affordable high-speed internet.

Urban Spaces Get an AI Makeover

The Dall-E artificial intelligence system is helping redesign city streets, replacing car-centric roads with walkable boulevards and bike lanes.

The Infrastructure Law: ‘Hitting Timelines Without Cutting Corners’

Biden administration officials are pushing for projects to move quickly, while also meeting goals like benefiting disadvantaged neighborhoods and strengthening the nation’s workforce.

Pushing Ahead Projects to Protect Against Climate-related Disasters

Projects to deal with risks like flooding and hurricanes are being buoyed by new federal funding. But state and local officials say it can sometimes be a heavy lift to access the money.

Why a Power Line Project Can Take 14 Years to Permit

Amid a push to greatly expand the nation’s clean energy infrastructure, key grid upgrades require approvals that can take years to complete. Can regulators strike the right balance between speed and environmental protection?

How Cryptocurrency Could Help to 'Crowdfund' Public Projects

The idea of leaning on the emerging technology to issue municipal bonds in small denominations has the potential to benefit governments and investors alike. But can the muni market adapt?

Feds Open More Funding for Diesel School Bus Phase-out

The decision comes as demand far surpassed funding available this year for an initiative that aims to transition school buses to electric models and other options with lower emissions.