Electric Utilities Around the US are Running Out Transformers

The shortage of the critical grid component is jamming up home building and threatening to cause other problems. In some cases, wait times for the parts are over a year, while costs have spiraled up by over 500%.

America's Crumbling Municipal Pools

Many public pools and aquatics facilities around the U.S. are decades old and in need of upgrades or replacement. The problem is particularly acute in poor neighborhoods and likely to become more pressing as summers grow hotter.

Farebox Shortfalls Soon to Create ‘Sizable' Transit Budget Gaps

The problem is looming for big city transit agencies in places like New York and San Francisco, with ridership unlikely to recover before federal pandemic aid dries up, Fitch Ratings warns.

Two States to Seek Nearly $900M in Federal Funds for Bridge Project

They’re looking to tap money from the bipartisan infrastructure law approved last year. “This project is a perfect candidate for this funding,” says the governor of one of the states.

Bill Would Offer Grants to Boost Use of Drones to Inspect Infrastructure

One of the U.S. senators backing the legislation says it would "help local governments invest in drones and skilled workers to ensure America’s existing infrastructure remains safe.” 

Biden Signs Semiconductor Bill, Spurring Hopes for New Jobs and Manufacturing Around the US

The $54.2 billion measure drew broad support from local leaders, who believe their regions could benefit. “We need to make these chips here in America," the president said.

The Nation’s Most Ambitious Train Station Renovation Projects

New York City is looking at a major rail station makeover. But around the country, other noteworthy projects were completed in recent years or are now in the works.

Senate Package Has $3B for Communities Cut Apart by Highways

The “neighborhood access and equity grants” would supplement earlier funding in the infrastructure law and could go towards a range of projects. About a third of the money is earmarked for lower-income areas.

Senate Approves Rollback of Biden’s Infrastructure Permitting Rules

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin joined Republicans in voting for the plan, which has the backing of business and labor groups. It still faces a vote in the House and a likely veto. Even so, supporters see hope for permitting changes on the horizon.

A Staggering Backlog of Transit Upgrades Is Stacking Up

New federal funding from the infrastructure law will help. But some older systems have deep problems, underscored by track fires, breakdowns and delays.

Texas Skirting Federal Environmental Law to Push For Highway Expansion

The state department of transportation says many of its highway projects have “no significant impact.”

A $7.3B Pot of Money to Prepare Infrastructure for Climate Change

The new federal funding aims to make transportation assets, like roads, transit systems and ports more resilient to flooding, wildfires and other extreme weather and climate threats.

Checking in With Mitch Landrieu on the Infrastructure Law

President Biden’s top advisor on the $1.2 trillion package tells Route Fifty that 5,000 projects across the country are underway, and that the White House is meeting regularly with state infrastructure coordinators. He also knocked Republicans wavering on the transition to electric vehicles.

Rural Areas in 11 States to Receive $401M for High-speed Internet

The Agriculture Department says the grants and loans will help to improve service for 31,000 customers.

New 5-State Pilot Will Link Low-Income Households to Solar Power

Households could see electricity bill savings from the program in the 10% to 50% range, according the Biden administration.

States With the Greatest Housing Shortages

The U.S. is short 3.8 million units, with “underproduction” of new houses and rentals worsening in 47 states and Washington, D.C., according to a new report.

Join Us for a Conversation With White House Infrastructure Coordinator Mitch Landrieu

Landrieu sits down with Route Fifty to discuss the $1.2 trillion infrastructure law and how the Biden administration is working with state and local governments rolling it out.

House Passes Spending Bill With $9B Increase for Local Housing Initiatives

But the proposal, which includes aid for low-income families, seniors, the disabled and the homeless, will likely be scaled back during budget negotiations in the months ahead with the Senate and White House.

It’s Time for a New Development Strategy in Coal Country

COMMENTARY | The Ohio River Valley region of Appalachia has long been a political stumbling block in the national climate debate. But with the right resources, it can become a global leader of the new energy economy and a more sustainable future.

What One State is Learning From Electric Bike Travel Data

Colorado is collecting and analyzing data on several e-bike pilot programs, gaining insights into the fastest-growing form of electric vehicle transportation.