New Houston mayor reverses course on bike, pedestrian improvements

Mayor John Whitmire ordered pedestrian islands removed, froze projects with bike lanes and suggested cyclists stick to “recreational” trails. It’s a big change in direction from his predecessor’s approach.

2022 was the ‘worst year ever for bicyclist deaths,’ new data shows

Safety advocates blame the upswing in cyclist deaths on larger, more powerful vehicles that have become more common on American roads in the last decade.

New FCC broadband standard increases the number of ‘underserved’ households in America

An estimated 22 million Americans still lack home broadband access, according to a new report. But that number could be higher after the FCC increased the definition of what constitutes broadband.

Billions in earmarks headed to states and cities

The funding comes despite conservative opposition to the federal government paying for specific local projects.

How teens can be safer drivers

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the U.S. Will raising the requirements for a driver’s license help?

Congestion pricing plan OK’d in New York

The plan would bring in billions of dollars for the city’s aging subway system. But some details of how it will be enforced are unclear.

Massive ships make protecting bridges a much tougher task

As officials evaluate replacing Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, they must consider the weight and size of increasingly large vessels.

Rebuilding the collapsed Baltimore bridge will be a ‘FAR bigger challenge’

While recent bridge replacements have been completed in a matter of weeks, this incident will be tougher to recover from and have wider impacts.

It’s time for local policymakers to cement the Biden administration’s workforce gains

COMMENTARY | By adopting strong job quality standards for government spending, state and local policymakers can improve residents’ quality of life and support a strong, stable workforce for generations to come.

States, feds at odds over low-cost broadband option

Virginia says it’s unlawful to set a price for how much a company receiving federal broadband grants can charge low-income households. The feds disagree. They are withholding funding until the state sets a limit.

Biden administration announces new efforts to boost the nation’s housing supply

Federal officials will extend a program that has helped develop or rehabilitate nearly 12,000 affordable rental homes.

Biden administration waives certain ‘Build America’ requirements for broadband

Even with the waiver, though, the administration estimates that roughly 90% of funding for equipment will still be used to purchase U.S.-made products.

As traffic fatalities remain high, states and feds meet to swap road safety ideas

The gathering marked the second anniversary of the Biden administration’s push to reduce roadway deaths. The feds also used the occasion to announce that $1.25 billion in grants is available for its Safe Streets and Roads for All program.

Are the Build America rules slowing infrastructure progress?

State DOTs, transit agencies and the construction industry want the White House to make it easier to comply with rules designed to include American-made products in infrastructure projects.

'Graffiti bombing' hits abandoned skyscrapers in Los Angeles and Miami

COMMENTARY | Graffiti artists in both cities recently tagged swiftly and extensively downtown skyscrapers that had been abandoned. The form of activism, which has a long history in cities, was met with a mix of admiration and condemnation.

Federal permitting hampers climate goals and natural disaster mitigation, counties say

Officials, who are calling for reforms, say environmental regulations shouldn’t lead to yearslong waits to build transmission lines or impede their ability to respond to natural disasters.

FAA boosts airport infrastructure with nearly $1B in grants

The money, which is part of the 2021 federal infrastructure law, will help airports accommodate more passengers, make their facilities more accessible to people with disabilities and prepare for climate change.

A decade in, pedestrian deaths dip under Vision Zero

Advocates say New York’s experience with the traffic safety approach shows promise, but the city has deployed safety measures like bike lanes and redesigned intersections more often in whiter and wealthier neighborhoods.

Want to reform housing? Take a look at parking.

When a single parking space adds tens of thousands of dollars to a residential development, those costs get passed on to residents.

Power outages leave poor communities in the dark longer

Evidence from of a study of 15 million outages raises questions about recovery times.