internet of things

IoT network insights drive smart city planning

A cloud-enabled sensor network helps city officials meet resident needs and collaborate with neighboring communities.

Amazon Sidewalk promises secure, wide-ranging IoT network

But critics warned of potential privacy issues with the network, which is switched on for consumers by default and could collect personal data.

3 applications driving 5G in public safety

5G’s network capacity, internet-of-things support and low latency will power the emerging technologies responders have been waiting for.

Protecting the data that makes cities smart

Ensuring the security and privacy of data generated by residents and internet-connected devices will allow cities to reap the benefits of innovation.

IoT network delivers real-time data on parking availability

Data from low-power internet-of-things sensors buried under 4,500 on-street parking spaces will help Arlington County better understand the feasibility of demand-based pricing for metered curb space.

Connect with state & local government leaders

Tech disruption powers smart city expansion

Cloud, inexpensive sensors and low-powered wide-area networks are giving smaller cities a way to build real solutions for both staff and residents.

Cyber ranges bolster IoT security

With hands-on training, state and local governments can better address the vulnerabilities of internet-connected devices.

The most future-ready US cities

Cities that leverage data, partnerships and emerging technologies can best adapt to changing citizen expectations, a new report found.

Farmers can save water with wireless technologies, but there are challenges – like transmitting data through mud

Using wireless sensor technology, farmers can monitor the condition of crop soil and increase their water usage efficiency.

Cities enlist sensors to tackle noise pollution

New York and Philadelphia hope cameras, decibel meters and machine learning can help reduce excessive noise.

Miami to deploy air-quality monitoring on Algorand blockchain

The city is set to introduce a decentralized indoor and outdoor air-quality monitoring network built on the Algorand blockchain.

ShakeAlert comes to LA Metro

The earthquake warning technology will help protect the city’s bus and rail facilities by giving public transit officials and riders alerts before earthquake activity is felt.

NC town builds IoT center of excellence

In partnership with SAS Institute and Sematech, Cary will build a Center of Excellence dedicated to facilitating the development and deployment of edge-to-cloud internet-of-things solutions to local challenges that other municipalities can replicate.

Tampa CV pilot seeks volunteers

The Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority is looking to recruit 300 volunteers to test connected vehicle applications.

Joint cyber advisory issued for water treatment facilities

To help water and wastewater utilities protect their IT and operational technology systems from cyberattack, the FBI, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, Environmental Protection Agency and National Security Agency have outlined steps facilities can to take steps to defend themselves.

Peachtree Corners, a 5G early adopter, signs cloud infrastructure partner

By partnering with OVHcloud, the Georgia city will have access to compute, storage and other cloud services to help extract insights from the massive amounts of data generated from its Curiosity Lab Innovation Center and the autonomous vehicle test track.

Smart civil infrastructure could save US billions

Integrating digital technology, sensors and data into civil engineering projects can mitigate maintenance issues and increase safety and efficiency, according to a recent report from Harvard’s Ash Center

New York testing drones with 5G network

Researchers at the state’s drone testing range will be experimenting with a 5G network to help advance innovation in unmanned aircraft systems.

Telematics streamlines data collection, analysis for managing state vehicles

Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services has outfitted field inspectors’ vehicles with telematics sensors that collect data and transmit it to the cloud for analysis.

Ohio opens smart mobility corridor

The 35-mile stretch of highway will connect the cities of Dublin and Marysville, and has been called “the world’s most connected highway.”