Florida’s Largest City Faces ‘Trifecta’ of Problems as Irma Exits the State

The hurricane swamped Jacksonville with flooding said to be the worst in 100 years.

Jacksonville’s Frustrated Mayor: ‘We’ve Got to Get Out of the Pension Business!’

The mayor of Florida’s largest city continues to fume over fiscally troubled police and fire pensions and calls a possible $45 million miscalculation by an actuary “outrageous.”

The ‘Sky Is Really Falling’ on Jacksonville?; Calif. Lawmakers Call for Judge’s Resignation

Also in our State and Local Weekend Digest: N.Y. attorney general questions internet speed and ‘stolen’ land in N.C.

Unity-Focused Mayor’s Grand City Council Gesture; Kansas Judge's Collections Agency Court

Also: An Oregon legislative tax-break mystery, Texas’ quest for rural psychiatrists and Montana is a tinderbox.

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