legacy systems

An outdated tracking system is a key factor in Texas’ foster care shortcomings

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services tracks foster children's health records using a system that's older than Google, but efforts to upgrade it over the years have have been few and far between.

Can Fortran survive another 15 years?

Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory evaluated the risks of relying on the 65-year-old code for nuclear security.

COBOL: You’re thinking about it wrong

The workhorse computing language suffers from a “major image problem” rooted in fundamental misperceptions, researchers say.

States target mainframes in legacy system modernization

Security, cost and workforce challenges have states looking to retire, rehost or outsource mainframe operations, according to a survey by the National Association of State Technology Directors.

Using APIs to bridge the gap between old technology and new needs

Application programming interfaces can deliver better tools, data and reporting for benefit determinations without requiring significant upgrades to existing technology.