Local Government Management

Fast-Growing Cities and States Experience Growing Pains

Finding enough affordable housing and providing services are two of the top challenges that come with rising population growth.

5 Ways Local Governments Can Make Spending Smarter

COMMENTARY | There’s a lot wrong with the way governments purchase goods and services. But there are also ways to bring creativity and efficiency to procurement, harnessing it for innovation and economic growth.

Who’s Running for Mayor in Philadelphia?

In one of the most anticipated mayoral races in years, several of Philadelphia’s highest-profile politicos are resigning from their current positions and throwing their hats in the ring.

Cyberattack Turns Up the Heat on Common Security Problems

The ransomware attack that crippled a New York county again demonstrated the need for investment, regular updates and an enterprisewide approach to security.

3 Tips to Improve Your Local Utility Service

COMMENTARY | Utility companies often suffer from poor customer service ratings. Here’s a way to fix that.

The Next Era of Data-driven Local Government

Cities and other localities are entering a new phase with how they incorporate data into decision-making.

The Small Alabama City That’s Gained 117,000 TikTok Followers

Oneonta Mayor Richard Phillips’ video posts goofing around about local government and highlighting the town have attracted online fans and, in some cases, real life visitors.

Building a More Diverse Public Sector Hiring Pipeline

Local governments are rethinking how they go about connecting with job candidates. “It’s just not enough to post a position and then say we have no qualified diverse talent,” says one official.

Florida Elected Official Still Serves Although She Lives in Georgia

A Hollywood city commissioner bought a house out of state to care for her ill daughter and mainly resides there, carrying out her duties and attending meetings remotely.

A Library Struck by Controversy That Began Over a Book It Didn’t Own

In Boundary County, Idaho a local librarian decided to resign citing a “political atmosphere of extremism.” The situation there mirrors a trend affecting libraries around the country.

The Perks of Positivity May Depend on Race and Culture

The supposedly universal benefits of positivity may not generalize across races, research indicates.

4 Ways to Improve Citizen Engagement on Climate Policy

COMMENTARY | It's a pivotal moment for climate spending with billions in new federal funding available. Broad input from residents can help local governments build stronger programs.

Despite New Funding, Infrastructure Jobs Prove Tough to Fill

Projects can't get built without the right workers, but a National League of Cities analysis shows how hiring for infrastructure jobs can be time consuming compared to other fields. NLC also offers tips for how governments can help to ease the problem.

Shifting Power Can Help Local Governments Partner With Communities to Achieve Racial Equity

COMMENTARY | City and county leaders should create more opportunities for people of color to participate in the policymaking process.

City and County Government Workers Eligible for Additional Student Loan Debt Relief

The federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program is temporarily offering expanded debt forgiveness but borrowers need to file paperwork soon.

$10B Redevelopment Slated for Downtown Miami

Miami-Dade County plans to transform 17 acres through a public-private partnership that includes government offices, "atypical" affordable housing, a transit station, cultural venues and businesses.

Electric Utilities Around the US are Running Out of Transformers

The shortage of the critical grid component is jamming up home building and threatening to cause other problems. In some cases, wait times for the parts are over a year, while costs have spiraled up by over 500%.

Could Apprenticeships Fix the Teacher Shortage?

COMMENTARY | Several states are pioneering "earn and learn" models as a potential long-term solution to address persistent educator shortages.

Biden Administration Unveils Website to Help Combat Extreme Heat Conditions

Heat.gov includes interactive maps, forecasts and other resources to help government officials and the general public cope with high temperatures.

The Three Cs of Effective Public Engagement

COMMENTARY | Incorporating citizen feedback into government budget and finance decisions can often lead to disappointing results, but following these principles can help.