Local Government Management

Community Colleges Begin Using Federal Coronavirus Funding to Erase Student Debt

The money, from the CARES Act and the American Rescue Plan Act, is available for students who have struggled financially as a result of the pandemic.

Route Fifty Presents: 10 Mayors to Watch

Our inaugural list recognizing local leaders who are tackling some of the most pressing issues facing cities.

Expansion of Remote Work Increases Competition Between Public, Private Sector

Workforce experts say government employers should look for ways to embrace a flexible working environment even after the pandemic in order to compete.

The US Cities 'Taking Bold Steps’ to Tackle the Most Pressing Challenges

Bloomberg Philanthropies selected 50 cities worldwide, including 14 here, as Bloomberg Mayors Challenge finalists for their innovative problem-solving ideas.

Best and Worst States for City Manager Jobs

The median salary for the highest 10% of city manager positions is $227,000, but not all these executives nationwide fare as well when it comes to pay and opportunities, according to a recent report.

Report: 1 out of 6 Americans Stay in Jobs They Hate to Keep Their Health Insurance

Black employees and people making less than $48,000 per year were more likely to not quit to ensure continued access to health benefits, according to a West Health-Gallup survey.

As a Black Woman Mayor, I Paid the Price for Police Reform. And I Am Not Going to Stop.

COMMENTARY | Implementing meaningful reforms to curb police violence remains an uphill battle for many mayors and can come at great personal cost.

States, Cities Begin to Order Workers Back to the Office

The ACLU is challenging a directive from South Carolina’s governor that requires state employees to return to in-person work. Other state and local orders are under fire as well.

Women are Underrepresented in Local Government, too, New Data Shows

Women hold fewer than one-third of seats in municipal governments nationwide, comparable to their presence in state and federal offices.

What the Rise of Virtual Meetings has Taught Us About Civic Participation

COMMENTARY | The increased occurrence of virtual community meetings demonstrates how technology can be used to boost citizen engagement, transparency and trust.

Ten Questions Communities Trying to Attract Remote Workers Should Ask

COMMENTARY | Local leaders across the country are contemplating how to lure newcomers to their areas to help spur economic growth. Answering questions around funding, stakeholder input and internet access can lead to a well-crafted strategy.

The 'New Normal': A Survey of Covid's Lasting Effects for Localities

A new survey is asking local government staff and officials how Covid has changed their work—and what might happen next.

The Biden Agenda Doesn’t Run Through Washington

How the president can partner directly with America's biggest cities and suburbs- even in the reddest states.

More Pedestrians Are Getting Killed By Cars

The number of pedestrians struck and killed is up 45% over the last decade. People of color and residents of low-income and rural communities are more at risk, according to new research.

Hiring a Chief Equity Officer? Here’s What You Need to Know

COMMENTARY | It’s a position that can come with tough challenges. City and county leaders should focus on three key actions to set their chief equity officers up for success.

As More Americans Struggle to Pay Water Bills, Affordability Solutions Are Past Due

COMMENTARY | With utility shutoff moratoriums expiring, millions of people, particularly people of color and low-income families, are at risk of losing water service.

Part South By Southwest, Part Burning Man—But for Local Leaders. Introducing: Govapalooza

COMMENTARY | Organizers of the five-day virtual festival want local governments to rally around the concept of “anti-fragility” and embrace big, bold changes.

For Cities, Less Traffic Means Lost Revenue

Cities have seen parking fee and traffic fine collections drop during the pandemic as commuters and tourists stay home and enforcement is relaxed.

Tech Alone Isn’t Enough to Create a Successful Smart City

COMMENTARY | Technological investments aren’t enough to create successful smart cities. Cities must also deploy initiatives to navigate complex social and organizational processes.

To Unlock the Full Potential of Data, Local Governments Need The Right Talent

COMMENTARY | Local governments don’t need more data—they need people who can process what they already have.