Local Government Management

4 Proven Strategies for Attracting and Retaining State and Local Government Workers

COMMENTARY | To be competitive in this challenging new work environment, governments not only need to evaluate their salaries and benefits, but also change the way they recruit, develop, engage and retain talent.

How Local Governments Are Advancing Workers’ Rights, and Why Even More Should Get Involved

COMMENTARY | Cities are spearheading efforts to pass and enforce local labor laws that are improving standards for workers in their communities.

How One City Is Adressing 911 Calls That Require a Mental Health Response

A study showed that 90% of 911 crisis calls are related to mental health in Durham, North Carolina. The city launched four pilot programs that could change how it responds.

Hybrid Workforce is Making Public Sector IT Management More Difficult

The trend toward more remote work is challenging for government IT professionals to keep networks secure, according to a recent report.

Wanted: The Best Local Government Workplaces

Engaging Local Government Leaders is accepting applications for its annual awards program honoring the best city and county governments to work for.

Why Local Action Is Important to Combat Police Brutality and Racial Injustice

COMMENTARY | George Floyd's brutal murder two years ago did not inspire bipartisan federal action. Cities have stepped up and are driving a range of reforms. 

Largest US Counties Lost Record Number of Residents in 2021

Nearly 70% of urban counties with more than 250,000 people saw their populations erode last year, “an exceptionally high share by historical standards,” a new report says.

Biden’s Executive Order on Policing Could Help Spur Local Reforms

The directive, which includes varied restrictions and alternatives, drew support from reform advocates as well as groups representing law enforcement officers and cities.

Why I Remain a Local Government Employee

COMMENTARY | Many public sector workers are leaving their jobs. Here’s why I am staying.

How to Recruit and Manage Short-term Workers

State and local governments have greater reliance on temporary staff, but challenges abound. There are new ways to make these arrangements work.

How Rethinking Land Use Can Boost Local Government Revenue

Governments looking to make revenue streams more dependable should consider revisiting land-use regulations, incentives and taking other steps, says a recent report.

Why Public Service and Public Servants Should Be Celebrated

COMMENTARY | Public service has lost its luster. It's time to change that.

Federal Covid Aid is Funding a Pickleball Court Construction Boom

Pickleball is the nation's fastest growing sport and cities and towns are using money from the American Rescue Plan to build facilities for the legions of new players.

How States and Localities Can Deliver Results With the Bipartisan Infrastructure Funds

COMMENTARY | The billions in infrastructure dollars flowing to governments must work for residents of all backgrounds and political affiliations. Oklahoma City’s approach may hold the key to success.

Tackling the Tough-to-Solve 'Culture' Problem Many City Leaders Face

Shifting "organizational culture," the unwritten rules that dictate how work gets done, can be incredibly difficult in city halls. A new guide from a team of NYU professors aims to help change that.

The Benefits of Digital Payments Automation for Local Government

COMMENTARY | Digital billing can improve collection efficiencies, reduce call volumes and save organizational costs and resources.

1-in-6 Election Officials Report Being Threatened

In addition, 77% of those surveyed said the harassment is increasing, and that they need more support from federal and local governments, a recent report shows.

Local Governments Attractive Targets for Hackers and Are Ill-prepared

With Russia poised to launch cyberattacks on U.S. targets, many local governments find themselves without the staff or resources to even recognize when they’re under attack.

Cities and Towns Across This State are Electing Female Mayors at Record Rates

From Scranton to Harrisburg, Upper Darby to Gettysburg, and in burgs across Pennsylvania, women aren’t just getting a seat at the table—more often, they can now be found at its head.

New Data Show a Major Gender Gap in Local Government Leadership

Fewer than one in three top appointed local officials are women, according to the analysis. Curious how your state stacks up? Tools released with the research allow users to look at trends and comparisons across the country.